Monday, March 11, 2013

the time I had a blate

I finally met a real-life blogger (you know, besides the ones that I already know like Haley & Sarah), Marianna @ Delightfully Dunn on Saturday for lunch at Winslow's... and took no pictures... so here's a photoshop account of the meeting.

That's right, blogger of the year right here, but we just talked so much that I didn't even think of snapping a picture (nor did Marianna for that matter). We chatted like old college friends catching up instead of complete strangers that only know each other in blog land, and there was never an awkward lull.

It was wonderful to meet someone else that blogs and lives in Eastern NC! I won't even hold it against her that she went to NC State (go pirates!).

Thanks for meeting up with me Marianna! Next time we'll shut our mouths long enough for a photo op!


  1. I love marianna. We went to college together but didn't really become friends till blogging!

  2. I love Winslows! Man it makes me miss Greenville days.

  3. Haha great photoshopping!! Looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to go on a blate!

  4. OMG!! I love that picture - it looks so real!! Loved meeting you sweet friend!! And we will definitely be doing it again SOON! I think dragging boys along would be good.! :)

  5. Found your blog through Marianna's blog... but then realized that I "knew" you from Her Magazine! It's always nice to find fellow ENC bloggers and even more fun to meet them in person!

  6. I loved meeting my first blog buddy last summer. I hope one day ot meet more.