Friday, April 5, 2013

4-Day Weekend Photo Dump

Easter Weekend was full of activities!

Sawyer stayed with my parents Saturday while I went to Hillsborough for a baby shower and my dad kept me entertained with pictures of the big guy having a great time . 
"cooking" in the bath tub  
enjoying the bubble gun that the Easter Bunny brought 
"riding" the 4 Wheeler with John John 
Then Sunday we went to church and ate lunch there before going to Josh's grandparents to hang out and eat supper.
My family eating lunch at church, Sawyer obviously more interested in eating his cupcake.
I had Easter Monday off this year, so while I allotted the second half of the day for switching my winter & spring clothes (which was pointless considering Eastern NC is still in the 50's), I spent the first half of the day with Sawyer!

We played with his Easter toys, which somehow all centered around bubbles...
"mowing" the grass with his little bubble-making lawn mower

the chocolate beast was jealous and wanted to get out too, but she was SO dirty from sitting in the mud!
"feeding" Sookie (with mulch & pinestraw, yum)
playing with sidewalk chalk & buckets
"go ahead Sawyer, Daddy only spent two whole days getting that mulch 'just right'...."
Then we ventured to the "park" in town... not a great idea. 

We were greeted with the words "Bloods SU WOO" written in the sand (if you don't know what "su woo" means, you don't listen to enough Lil Wayne {it's the Bloods gang call})

Then we tried to avoid reading the nastiness written inside the red tunnel...

and climbed up the slides... but didn't want to go down them.

and refrained from correcting horribly misspelled graffiti...
I think his says "I had hardcore sex here... ps with another dude, I'm gay" Lovely.
riding the rocket
Also, who decided that covering a playground with sand was a good idea? My car is now covered in it.
"let's get out of here mommy, there's way too much sand in my shoe"


  1. Hahaha that first picture is great! Your Easter shirt/dress (?) is so cute!!

  2. covering a park in sand has got to be the worst idea ever!

  3. cute pictures!! he is growing up so fast!

  4. Love your easter dress! I was going to switch out my closet this week too but since it is still 44 degress outside I think I am going to wait a little longer!!

  5. Y'all had a very adventurous day.