Tuesday, April 9, 2013

it all started with a juice stand...

My heart hurts knowing that the beautiful and creative Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau is no longer with us. I feel like the world is a little less colorful, knowing she isn't here. (if you don't know who Lilly Pulitzer is, read her story here.)

Lilly has always been my "go-to" outfit, and a Lilly purchase is always my treat whenever I feel like I've accomplished something (or I have finally saved up enough money to afford a LP dress). For me, Lilly dresses and prints are always part of special occasions, whether it be weddings and showers to family vacations and holidays.

my favorite  Lilly Maxi on Mother's Day in 2012
at Sissy's graduation in 2011
family vacation in Hilton Head 2012
Sawyer's Dedication in 2011
a Lilly bikini on our honeymoon
 ladies in Lilly at Jordan's graduation in 2008 (might I add that Deann'a Lilly is also mine)
my new favorite "Nettie" style Lilly dress at one of Hope's bridal showers
my favorite Lilly maxi again, back in 2009 on my honeymoon

Rest in peace Lilly P, may your style live on.


  1. I can't help but be so happy every time I put on a Lilly outfit!

  2. i know, so sad! I love Lilly P!