Thursday, April 4, 2013

SPD: Egg-celent Wreath

I am linking up with Steph @ Beautiful Mess and Katie @ Keep Calm & Carry On for "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it"!

This is a little belated since Easter was this past Sunday, but hey there's always next year.

I had seen tons of cute wreaths using Easter eggs all over Pinterest, and decided I would incorporate some of their ideas on my tulle wreath. Yes the tulle wreath that I KEEP using and will keep on using until I absolutely can't anymore considering how long it took to tie all that tulle. (see the Valentine's Day & St. Paddy's Day wreaths I made with it here and here)

Pinterest Versions:
My Version:

wreath form
roll of tulle
one sleeve of plastic Easter eggs
floral wire
Colored ribbon for bow
1. Cut several strips of tulle and start tying them around your form. I looped my strips of tulle twice around the form before tying a double knot. Make sure you tie them close together so there are no gaps. This will take awhile, so you should get comfy grab a glass of wine water and catch up on all your DVR'd shows. 

TA-DA! So worth it.

2. Open your egg and thread the floral wire through the holes at both ends. I use this method because I want to keep re-using the wreath, you could hot glue the eggs in place if you don't care about re-using the wreath.
little holes on the egg 
wire threaded through egg
3. Secure your egg onto your wreath by wrapping your wire around the back side of the wreath and twisting it tightly. 

4. Continue around rest of wreath, leaving space between each egg. Note: You could definitely put them closer together if you wanted to, but you'll need more eggs! Adorn wreath with ribbon at top and hang!

Not pictured? Sawyer throwing an absolute fit because I used "his eggs" for a wreath instead of hiding them candy. He grabs the wreath every time we walk up to the front door now. #terribletwos


  1. Great job! That is adorable!

  2. hahahaha so cute - and poor sawyer :(

  3. Found you on the spd link up! I love the way you took all the other ideas and made your own. I think I might go on and make this for next year so I don't forget because I love yours!!

  4. Cute! And how fitting that Sawyer threw a fit hahahah

  5. Love! Stopping by from the link up :)

  6. how cute are you?! this turned out adorable! you are always making such cute things. I need to hire you. ;) thank you for linking up AGAIN!

  7. Your version is so cute! I love all the tulle!!! :-)