Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

I am linking up again with the beautiful ladies at Keep Calm & Carry On (who is enjoying a lovely b*day vacation right now) and Beautiful Mess for "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it"!

As I posted last week, I am in charge of coordinating our annual retirement banquet for the school system and this year I intend on incorporating lots of mason jars into the decor! Here were my inspiration pins for my glitter, gold & striped mason jars:


I decided to create three different kinds of jars, solid gold, glitter striped and glitter dipped.

For the solid gold, all you need is gold spray paint and jars...

.... but here is what you need for the glitter-ized jars:
Spray Glue
Flat-edged brush
Double-sided sticky tape
Masking/Painters Tape

1. Using the painters tape (or really bad masking tape, like mine), line up the tape on the jar to cover the part you do not want to get glitter and glue on. 

2. Spray the bottom part of the jar that you want to be glitter-ized with the spray adhesive (be mindful that that mess will get EVERYWHERE, so do so over a trash-can or somewhere you don't mind getting a little sticky). 

3. Pour glitter onto a flat surface (I used a piece of cardboard) and roll your jar around in the glitter, concentrating on your glued area.

4. Remove the tape, shake off excess and admire your work.

1. Wrap your jar with the sticky-tape, placing the tape where you want your "stripes". 
(sorry I know that is super hard to see)

2. Roll the jar around in your glitter area and also sprinkle on the jar as you roll to make sure you got lots of coverage.

3. Shake off excess, then using the flat-edge brush, scrape the glitter between the stripes off. I actually "pushed" the brush across the areas I didn't want glitter and it cleaned up pretty easily.

4. Once again, admire your work!

By the end of the day I was covered in glitter (it truly is the herpes of craft supplies), but I used the taped stripe method on candles as well and dipped/striped several other jars. I plan on using the jars as vases, grouping them together with ribbon and lots of other things on my tables for the banquet. 


  1. Beutiful job = )

  2. They turned out great! I did one of these over the holidays and put a candle in it! Love a good mason and who doesn't love gold glitter?! xoxo, Lindsay

  3. These all turned out great! I've seen these & can't wait to try this myself!

  4. Absolutely love those!! Glitter and gold together is always a cute craft!!

  5. LOVE IT!! Oh, an I live in NC too ;)

  6. ahhh I literally just pinned this and was going to craft it this weekend!! yours came out so great!!!

  7. Love, love this! Honestly didn't even think of using double sided tape!

  8. Looks like we had the same idea! I did a metallic mason jar project too!

  9. I found your blog through the SPD link up! I've spent a few hours off and on reading about you and your family! You have a beautiful family and looks like you enjoy life! I love that nothing slows you down! I look forward to reading more! Great job on the jars!

  10. I love this idea! And yours turned out awesome!

  11. Again, LOVES the glitter. Such a fun idea!!

  12. then using the flat-edge brush, scrape the glitter between the stripes off. I actually "pushed" the brush across the areas I didn't want glitter and it cleaned up pretty easily.
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