Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pookie graduates.

This is my Pookie. 
Or as the rest of the world knows him, Donald. This 6 foot somethin’ boy is the baby of the grandkids and also my only boy first cousin.

He graduated early from high school in December and already successfully completed his welding certificate at our local community college, so to celebrate we all gathered at a pig-pickin’ at church last Saturday night.
pig before
pig after 
The family life center was still decorated from the sportsmen’s banquet the church held, but it was perfect for this occasion too since the Pookie is quite the sportsman.

Sawyer took it upon himself to be the entertainment and hopped right on stage to sing “Old McDonald”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and such and was even joined by our friend’s little girl, Addison to perform some duets.

All the kids in attendance were amazed by the animals on display from the banquet, but Sawyer was most amazed by the boar's head. 

It was a great night celebrating Pookie's accomplishments and being with our extended families.
it's not a party without cornhole
Pookie and our crazy Uncle Wayne


  1. Haha that picture of Sawyer and Addison is too cute! It reminded me of the part in the Little Rascals when they do the talent show haha.

  2. Umm he is also pretty darn cute. Too bad I'm not single! :)