Friday, May 17, 2013

Retirement Banquet 2013

One of my favorite parts of my job is planning, coordinating and decorating for district events, such as our up-coming annual retirement banquet. 

Since I am working with a budget of less than $300 for decoations for these banquets, I always buy things that I know I can re-use such as white candles, silk flowers  hurricane glasses good cardstock and etc. In the past, I have done cutesy things centered around education and kids and such...

2011 Banquet
2012 Banquet

But this year I am going for a more elegant, classic style with blacks, whites & golds.
(the keys in the top left corner are part of our logo)

Here are some of my main ideas for decorating (thanks to good ole Pinterest):
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(only mine will be black & white candles with gold sparkles)

love the grouping of mason jars with ribbon

I have SO much to do between now and the banquet, not to mention I am planning a baby shower or two also. But I am so excited to craft, plan and execute this event.

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