Wednesday, May 15, 2013

that child.

my child is always that child in public. not the one screaming and kicking or being mean, but the loud one saying inappropriate things.
yes, this sweet little face can be bad.
For example, at the Artsplosion event that our district hosts, I needed to grab pictures during the band performance. Sadly, Josh had a meeting so I took Sawyer along with me, thinking he'd be quiet and watch the music. I was very wrong.

Not only did he keep talking throughout the performance, he did so during the pledge of allegiance, the presentation of the colors, the introduction of the guest director and so on and so on.

He finally quieted down when I gave him a pencil and paper to color with when all of a sudden he handed me his pencil and screamed said, "I not want to color anymore, mommy." So I whispered, "That's fine Sawyer, what do you want to do instead?" To which my child replied, very loudly in the moment the band quit playing to switch to another song, "MOMMY, I WANT TO POKE YOUR BOOBIES!"

I liked to died.

I was wearing a v-neck dress that I had complained about my boobs trying to poke out of, and apparently Sawyer heard me and somehow misconstrued.

I decided I had enough pictures, picked him up, and practically ran out the door of the auditorium with him screaming, "WHY ARE WE LEAVING? WHERE ARE GOING?" the whole way.

He is definitely his father's child.


  1. OMG hahahah talk about mortifying but good story for when he's older! :)

  2. Hahaha!! I think that's definitely a story to share when he brings that first girlfriend home! ;)

  3. OMG I am just terrified of the day V starts talking and sharing some of the ridiculous things Ronnie and I say at home. haha I totally see why you were mortified buuut these are good stories for later ;)