Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the banquet is over.

Remember that retirement banquet I kept talking about that I had so much to do for at work? Well it happened last Thursday and I am so happy that it is over. I really enjoy the planning and the decorating and crafting for the event, but dealing with ticket sales, making sure every retiree has a place (even those that forget to register) and doing the MC-ing for the event isn't as much fun.

We also had some hiccups along the way. The linens I ordered to rent weren't available (don't even get me start on that), so instead of 18 black & white striped overlays and 18 solid black floor lengnth tablecloths for my 18 tables, I had 9 black overlays and 13 white floor length tablecloths. The president of the community college let me use 5 of their floor length white cloths and I just had to mix up between just white tables and tables with black overlays.

Thankfully, it is all over. Here are some pictures from the event (featuring those DIY glittery mason jars & candles I did). And yes, I am still finding gold glitter in weird places.

Now all I have left that is "big" at work is our upcoming launch of a new website. That in itself is a three person job, let me tell you....


  1. party planner extrordinaire!! I love the gold and black theme and I made those tissue paper garland for our gender reveal... such a fun, easy and cheap decoration!

  2. Lauren,
    Did the glitter mason jars come out pretty? I was going to use this idea for my wedding but I am a little skeptical about how they would turn out

  3. It looks great. I know you are happy to have that off your plate.