Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sawyer's best skill: embarrassing his parents

My child loves doing embarrassing things to me.  From yelling “mommy pooted' in Hobby Lobby (read about there here) to saying “can I poke your booobies?” in front of coworkers (here) – but Sunday morning he managed to embarrass his daddy instead.

Josh & I had to keep the toddler nursery Sunday at church and while I was singing in the choir, my sister stayed back there with Josh and the three kids and Sawyer in the nursery (until I could get done singing).

Apparently during that time, Sawyer got a little curious....

Josh remarked that he couldn't believe our friend Dana's son Colton has already turned one and that it seemed like just yesterday Dana was pregnant.

Sawyer got a little puzzled look on his face and said, “Daddy, where did Colt Colt come from?”

Josh blew it off real easily and just said, “From his house.” (As if Sawyer was asking where did he come from before church).

Sawyer wasn't satisfied with this answer.

“No, how did he get in Dane Dane's belly?” he asked.

Josh said, “Jesus put him there”.

Sawyer then responded with another question, “Well, how did he get out?”

Josh stammered and stuttered for a second before saying, “Magic.”

Sawyer seemed satisfied with that answer. So let's hope it holds him off for at least 10 to 12 more years.

Hopefully, the other kids in the nursery won't go home asking their parents the same questions... or telling them how Josh explained it to Sawyer either....

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  1. Both, technically true answers... I'm told that it's a "magical" experience :)