Thursday, July 25, 2013

your side of the bed

I absolutely adore Little Big Town, and their new song Your Side of the Bed is a favorite of mine. While the song is obviously figuratively talking about "your side of the bed", it made me think what my nightstand says about me.

why yes, this photo was taken around Christmas, probably the last time our room was this clean and the bed was made up this nicely.

In our old house, my side of the bed was flush with the wall beside our bed, so I had to pass things to Josh to put on his side of the bed which had a nightstand. So in the new house I made sure that I left space for me to have a little bedside table.

On my side, on my little wicker table I stole from our patio set, are the following items:
  • A lamp
  • A stack of Southern Livings with their pages marked for recipes, house ideas and decorating tips
  • A picture frame holding the picture from NYE of me, Josh & Sawbug
  • My bible - a purple McArthur Study Bible that my parents gave me in 2011
  • A bottle of Tums. I never had heartburn ever in my entire life until I got pregnant with Sawyer, and even now that he is 2, I still get it.
  • My water glass from the night before
  • The little statue of a couple embracing that my Mema Kay gave me during her last Christmas with us.
  • Three of my books, “The Fixer-Upper” by Mary Kay Andrews, “Vision in White” by Nora Roberts and “Savannah Blues” also by Mary Kay Andrews – I’ve been re-reading a bunch of Andrews’ books this summer (because they are that great) and I soooorta stole the “Vision in White” book from the beach house we rented in the OBX (hey, I was right in the middle of reading it and we were about to leave, so I had no choice really).
  • One of Sawyer’s books – “Goodnight Moon” (which he has memorized and reads along with me)
  • The ponytail holder & bobbi pin I took out of my hair last night
  • The 2013 Pirate Club Football ticket ordering catalogue (mainly because I stuck the extra stickers in there)
  • Then on the floor, the cover to the book "There Was a Coyote That Swallowed a Flea" (another book of Sawyer's).
Obviously all this stuff means that I am...
1) a pack rat who hates to throw away magazines
2) a dreamer who thinks she can actually reproduce all the recipes, decorating and parties in said magazines 3) someone who is trying to make her love of reading inspire her youngen to enjoy it too
4) a Pirate
5) trying to be better about reading my Bible, I have gotten horrible about letting that fall through the cracks when it should be at the top of my priority list.
6) always wearing my hair in a ponytail or messy bun then forgetting to take it down before climbing into bed
7) getting old, who seriously has to keep Tum's on their nightstand besides old people!?
8) nostalgic for my Mema. I love being able to look beside be before going to sleep and seeing that little figurine she gave me and think about her.

So what’s beside your bed? 


  1. I like your nightstand - it's very quirky and one of those things I think says a lot about a person. I love your duvet cover too!

  2. Love your room! So spacious, and the colors are lovely!!

    Since I see you like to read and you have great taste in books :)
    Come by my blog, I just posted a book review :)


  3. First of all, I love Little Big Town (Our first dance song was "Bring It On Home") but somehow had never heard this song until now. Obsessed!! Thanks for introducing me to it! And on my nightstand I have: a framed picture of us on our wedding day (my favorite picture ever), my Nook which is charging, my iPhone, a lamp, post it notes and a pen (you never know when you'll get a brilliant idea or remember something to add to the shopping list!), a few highlighters leftover from grad school days, a decorative white box, my glasses, a flashlight in case the power goes out, and then my hubby's police radio (because his uniform is on a bench near my side of the bed so it makes sense & we have huge nightstands).

  4. My Kindle lives on my nightstand, along with my alarm clock, a water glass and a reed diffuser. By the way, I loved Vision in White... the whole quartet is awesome. I love your bedding!

  5. I like your nightstand. I think I have six books on mine right now.