Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a year in the "new" house

it's been one whole year since Josh got his new job and we moved to Tarboro and while the year in the new house started out not so great with a hospital stay for Sawyer (read about that adventure here), it was otherwise wonderful including new job(s) for me (here and here) and throwing showers (here) and parties (here, here and here) in our new place.
old house (top) and new house (bottom)

One of my favorite parts of moving is our proximity to food. We now drive 2 minutes to grab dinner instead of 15 and are only 3 minutes from the grocery store so it makes "quick errands" actually quick.

The other great part of our place is that we actually have room for activities (if quoting Step Brothers is wrong, I don't want to be right).

living room, with actual floor space!

kitchen, with actual counter top space!

a bedroom with room to move around!

Then of course there's the fact that we have a playroom where Sawyer can hide all his toys and has truly learned to entertain himself! He has also learned how to make a big mess of said playroom..

We still feel so exceptionally blessed that we sold our first home so quickly (read here) and that we found such a great place to live! I can only hope that the rest of our years in this house will be as great as our first.


  1. I'm glad your new house is working out well - it's beautiful! I love that teal and grey bedroom!

  2. I am glad you still love the new house.