Tuesday, October 29, 2013

an amazing man.

Reverend Jerry Holcomb, an amazing man of God and a wonderful friend to my family, died yesterday evening and I am so heart broken over it.

Mr. Jerry married not only me and Josh but also my parents and was so close to my Mema and our family, helping take care of my Mema Dean when her husband, my Papa Donald died when my mama was only 9 years old.
photo by Melanie Mansfield
When Josh and I got engaged, we were so blessed that Mr. Jerry just happened to be visiting that weekend from Virginia and I was so happy that he got to be here and be a part of that day. I was even happier when Mr. Jerry was able to be one of the officiants in our wedding ceremony, just like he was for my mama and daddy's.

While I feel so sad for myself and those who will miss Mr. Jerry (and trust me, there will be many), I am happy that he is no longer in pain or fighting and that he is finally home.

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