Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I caught a few episodes of "When I was 17" on MTV2 the other night and couldn't help but think about my 17th year of life. I turned 17 on 9/27/2004 and was still 17 when I went off to college in 2005. Now I look back and think, "what was I thinking" on a daily basis. 

When I was 17... I had a pair of black and pink 574 New Balances that I based almost every outfit around. I was obsessed with those shoes. And if I wasn’t wearing those new balances I was wearing my gray 574's or Sperry's. 

When I was 17... I had a polo or lacoste in every color and they were stored in my closet in rainbow order #obnoxiousprep

When I was 17... I was convinced that I could help get rid of the stereotype that men who had a lot of “girl friends” were studs while women with a lot of “guy friends” were skanks…. Hence the “biggest flirt” superlative.
and yes, I am totally wearing the pink & black New Balances in this picture...

When I was 17... I tweezed my eyebrows within an inch of their life. 
seriously, where are they?!
Also, those two girls (Dana & Hope) were my best friends at 17 and still are two of my best friends today, so blessed.
When I was 17...I wore my favorite t-shirt from the good will, an "Athletics" team shirt, constantly. Like, way too often.

there I am (and my lack of eyebrows) in my favorite tee (side note, this was right before we took the SAT's)

When I was 17... I was obsessed with making my away message on AIM the coolest, most unique thing ever and got so mad when other people copied my style/quote/whatever.

When I was 17... I thought inside jokes were the best thing ever. In fact, my best friend and I did a senior ad for our best friend Hope with just inside jokes.

I did make some good decisions when I was 17 though... like started dating this guy named Josh.
us in 2005 on the left and us in 2013 on the right.

and growing closer to my amazing sister, Deanna (that 5 year age gap finally seemed to close in a little after she hit 12) who is my best friend now.

What were you like at 17?


  1. Love this post!


  2. Just ready to get out of the small Alabama town my parents retired too.

  3. Wait it's not cool to organize my clothes Roygbiv? I have stitched from polos to cardigans though :)