Friday, October 18, 2013

spontaneous camaraderie

this is a term that refers to when a group of people are suddenly unified over a common cause. It is one of my favorite things. My favorite kinds of spontaneous camaraderie are....

When everyone rallies together in traffic to NOT let in those people who waited until the end to get into the lane.

You know who I'm talking about. The ones who fly by everyone else that is waiting in a stand still and then wait until they are at the very front of traffic to try to merge into a lane. NO. I love to see all these cars inch closer and closer to each other to prevent that car from getting over. That is probably just due to my ridiculous road rage though...

When there is that one person in class (or at a conference/training) that everyone dislikes.
You know? When there is that person that talks all the time, asking questions just to show he/she knows the answer or generally just acts like a douche and everyone in class gives each other a "look" whenever he/she opens his/her mouth. Even better when everyone stays after class to talk about said person. Yes, I know how wrong that is.

Sporting events of any kind.
my husband being denied a high five hahaha
It doesn't matter if you're watching you friend's kid swing and miss at a t-ball game, cheering on the same team as someone else always inspires me to high-five a stranger like he or she is my bestie. I will also team up with other people cheering for my team against people who are not

In class when other students do everything they can to hide the sound of a classmate's phone vibrating.
Do you guys remember this?! In high school if one of our phones vibrated in class we would all cough or shuffle our stuff around so our teacher wouldn't hear the phone. Was this just my class?

Have you ever witnessed spontaneous camaraderie?


  1. Oh yes girl! At a conference recently I had a recent bonding over an annoying know it all that we all were ill at by the end of the week!

  2. I so get the traffic one and love doing that. I did get followed by someone once and then they tried to run me off the road for it. I thought I had road rage until that happened.