Wednesday, December 18, 2013

comfy christmas

During Christmas we are usually in the car traveling, chasing after Sawyer and his new toys, or on the floor at our parents/grandparent's houses opening gifts. So, when I see people posting fabulous outfits with sequins, glitter and heels I am always like, huh?. Color me a little jealous that y'all get to rock some serious fashion during the hectic holidays.

this is about as fancy as I get on a Christmas morning: scarf & a sweater

Don't get me wrong, I will throw on a bedazzled sweater or shirt in a hot minute for a Christmas party or dinner, but come Christmas morning you can usually find me in a comfy ensemble.

This year thanks to Target I will be brightening the holiday with an ironic twist. I got a great Griswold Family Christmas t-shirt (from the Men's section...) that I plan on wearing to the big Wallace family Christmas at Josh's Aunt Becky's house.

And won again at Target with a Santa hat-wearing skull sweater (also from the Men's section - SOLD OUT) that I can wear on Christmas day!
Target has some other comfy options for Christmas tees too that are a lot more fun than your average ugly Christmas sweater.
And my personal favorite from Target:

Judith March also has some fun Christmas-themed shirts that are a little pricey, but can be found here and here (and other places too).

And I got a great "preppy Santa" shirt on sale from Lauren James too that I wore around during holiday shopping time!

Do you rock a festive outfit near Christmas? 
Glitter and sparkles or silliness & cotton?

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  1. I love the one with Darth Vador. We don't get dressed up either.