Friday, January 17, 2014

excitement in a small town

I posted back in August (read here) about how our little town of Tarboro in eastern NC is growing and how my husband is playing a part in it. It is awesome to see Josh enjoying his work, he truly loves nurturing our passionate fellow Tarboro-ians and helping them put their plans to fruition.

Well, one of those plans is about to become a major reality.

With the help of a Main Street Solutions Fund grant (and lots of proof-reading by me, I might add), Inez & Stephen will hopefully start work soon on turning one of our downtown buildings, that was once a service station into the Tarboro Brewing Company.

Both Inez & Stephen are ginormous supporters of our town and public schools, and their restaurant, On the Square is one of my favorite places to eat (along with their sushi truck). It is also one of the top 100 restaurants in America (according to Open Table).

Inez is a Tarboro native and moved back to Tarboro from NYC shortly after 9/11 with Stephen. She has a great blog you should check out and you can see her in action promoting the brewery on their indiegogo page!

Inez & Stephen in On the Square
What makes me so excited about the brewery is that it will be family oriented. There will be a game room and you can bring your own food into the tap room. Not to mention it will be a great location to host parties & other gatherings. And we desperately need some night life and a place to go do stuff in town!

I am also happy that a beautiful older building is getting the face lift it deserves. I hate to see empty store fronts in our downtown and hate even more when a building doesn't get to reach its potential. I know that Inez & Stephen are going to turn their Sullivan building into a place that makes Tarboro proud.

check out the high ceilings in that bottom right picture, PERFECT for giant tanks of beer!

I'll keep you updated on the fun progress of this endeavor. In the meantime, support local! Buy what you can from your in-town stores and support your community by giving back to local business owners. It not only helps them, but helps you and your town!

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