Tuesday, January 7, 2014

mud on the tires and snow in my pants

On the Saturday after Christmas, Josh, Sawyer & I traveled with my mama, daddy & sister up to Sparta, NC to spend five days in a nice little cabin on the New River.

My favorite part of the cabin was Sawyer's little nook in our bedroom. The owners had turned a large walk in closet into a little children's nook with a mattress, TV and toys... but no heat sadly so while he played in the little room he definitely didn't sleep in there.

It was freeeezing cold but we had a ball. Adventures included...
  • Getting stuck, sliding down the driveway toward the river and finally landing on the fence.
My biggest fear is drowning in my car. Silly fear I know, but I get nervous on bridges and any time I am driving near a body of water. Well, Sunday night after dinner Josh, Dee, Sawyer & I were coming home and had a little accidente. After it had rained all day, our super steep driveway was a muddy death trap. We started climbing up the hill on my Jeep (which has all wheel drive, mind you and brand-spanking-new tires) and got stuck then immediately started to slip back down the driveway towards the river. I freaked out. I was crying, shaking and scaring Sawyer to death. We finally hit the fence (with my tires thankfully, not my car) and stopped. I immediately jumped out of the car and grabbed Sawyer out and ran/slipped up the driveway away from the car. Not over dramatic at all. 

Thankfully, a nice tow truck man came and towed me off the fence and we parked down at the bottom of the hill and hiked up for the rest of the trip. 

SO MUCH FUN. I had never tubed in the snow before (because, I live in Eastern NC where snow is about as likely as a Pirate turning down rum) and Sawyer had never seen ground-covering snow before, so we had a blast. It was 29 degrees up in Seven Devils with a 20 mph wind that made climbing up the hills quite the workout. 

too cold to pose obviously.

I must also admit that I was a little jealous of all the girls there with their matching snow bibs and coats and beanies and boots and all that while I owned not a stitch of winter gear and about to froze to death in my triple layer of 2 leggings and workout pants (with got snow in them, so much fun) with my thermal shirt and Under Armour hoodie under my North Face rain jacket.
Snow tubing OOTD

  • Putting Daddy & Josh to work with the fireplace
I love a good wood-burning fire place (and so does my super cold-natured sister) so we kept Daddy & Josh busy asking them to constantly keep the fire going.
daddy keeping us warm
Sawyer watching Dumbo by the fire

  • Visiting West Jefferson & the Ashe Co. Cheese Factory
West Jefferson is about an hour outside of Sparta up some verrrry twisty, winding roads but it is well worth the drive. The downtown is very well developed and has shops, cute little restaurants and a few bars and also Boondock's, a local brewery, tap room & restaurant. It was super windy and cold, so we walked around for awhile and visited the cheese factory's store to get some ice cream (because no matter how cold it is, Sawyer always wants it) and cheese. 

Sawyer loved the big cows outside the cheese factory...

...and watching them make the cheese

On the first when we got home, I got together with my girls as a "last supper" before our friend Rachel returned to Hungary where she is teaching English and our friend Kathryn traveled to Colorado (she is a travel nurse). Such a great way to start off the new year!


  1. Wow, your trip looks like a blast! I totally get the water ish. I'm so nervous driving over any kind of bridge (except the Sagamore Bridge to the cape, I learned to drive on that bridge) so I can totally understand and sympathize with the freak out!

  2. So fun!! I love mountain trips but I'm with you on the layers haha

  3. I am glad no one was hurt in the slide down the drive and the includes your new Jeep.