Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pinterest: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I love Pinterest. I grab recipes from there, outfit inspiration and even pin my Christmas lists for my parents so they have a one-stop place with links and everything they may need to know to get presents. However, it has its ups and downs.

The Good
How awesome is it to organize all your thoughts, dreams, wants and recipes in one place?! Yes, you could always just bookmark a page, but on Pinterest you can have a visual of links organized by subject (an OCD person dream!).  I especially love it when I need inspirations for party planning, printables or other design-related things.

The Bad
Some times, it makes me spend money. Which is mainly my fault, but I like to blame Pinterest too. I have found so many new, great boutiques and shops through Pinterest and I've purchased a great sweater or dress or piece of jewelry from a Pin... only to find out if I had taken the time to shop around I would have found it cheaper somewhere local or at the mall. Or I will find a top I have to have on someone's Pinterest boards only to discover it's an old Pin and has been sold out for like, ever.

The Ugly
It makes me envious of other people, to the point of angry jealousy and also coveting. I can't even pretend I haven't looked at a pin of someone's vacation pics or super long, perfectly curled hair and thought, why can't I have that? And don't even get me started on the clothes, amazing bodies or beautiful homes. I look through pins and pictures and I have to remind myself that I am blessed with tons of things and I need not fret over not having a thigh gap or a J. Crew Excursion Vest.


  1. I HAAAAAATE finding pins that are old with something I want! I just found THE leather the one I have to have...and it's from like 5 seasons ago so of course it's gone forever. Suckage 3000.

  2. Oh honey, don't waste time on those pics of done-up fashion bloggers...they are all wearing the same, gifted items with the same, vapid look on their faces. Can you imagine your world revolving around having your picture taken while wearing some version of the same trends that everyone, everywhere is posing in? And agonizing over food because you need to stay skinny for photos? All for the sake of purchasing more stuff? They are glamorized shopaholics! There is actually a mom at my son's school who literally looks like she stepped out of a fashion blog every day. It was at that point that I realized how really weird it was to see it in real life and it just looks...staged and fake. We all wish for more things, but you have so many great things in your life that those bimbos will never have!

  3. I understand this completely, and there is a greater lesson to be learned about contentment here :) I've had to learn it over and over. But just the other day, I was in my overalls with a handkerchief on my head, and my husband said, "Now that is your look, simply beautiful." And I was reminded of the fact that clothes and "looks" don't matter.
    We've been purging the house of excess stuff this past month and as I thought of all the people who have so much less, whose children are cold and hungry, suddenly my desire to have anything more than what I have already been blessed with, just seems silly. But this is also just my two cents, at the end of the day, you have a beautiful and healthy family....

  4. I love this! It is hard not to get jealous sometimes especially of the people with great hair. It has become a place of dreams for me but I know where to go when I have extra money to spend to decide on something. :)