Thursday, January 23, 2014

sookie the snow ruin-er

I am not the person that sees a few snowflakes, throws on her snow gear (aka a hoodie, North Face & several layers of leggings) and then jumps on social media with snowy selfies. I do not like the snow. I have managed to wreck twice in the ice and generally try to avoid any circumstances that involve me slipping and sliding around in the stuff.

My child however, LOVES the snow. As does my husband. So Tuesday night when it started big-time snowing I began dreading the ice that would soon be covering our roads, but Josh and Sawyer immediately ran outside to play.

I was sure it wouldn't stick, there would be no accumulation (because that is a super rare occasion in eastern NC) but sure enough, we woke up to this:

Come Wednesday morning our road was disgustingly icy and ECU was still operating on a two-hour delay (despite all the local schools being closed and such, ugh). Thankfully I have an amazing boss and he let me get some work done from home so I didn't have to brave the black-iced highways (and endanger everyone else on the road).

We spent a good two hours playing in the snow before we trekked to Sawyer's daycare and Josh went to work so I could actually work from home.

Then Sawyer discovered icicles....

...but so did Sookie. And she literally stole three right out of Sawyer's hands.

Look at Sawyer's look of utter betrayal in that last picture!

Sookie also enjoyed ruining snow angels, mainly because she assumes any time someone sits on the ground, she needs to sit too, in your lap or on your face, whatever suits her best.

Today, the snow is almost melted and while I am happy that I can now drive to work without having a complete meltdown (no pun intended), it was nice to spend even a few hours playing in it with Sawyer (and Sookie).


  1. Hahaha my dog literally SPRINTS to lick snow off the porch when one of us opens the door. She has not had an icicle yet thankfully. Also, I feel nothing bad for you - my house looks like this from Dec-April :)

  2. y'all got soooo much snow! I'm a little jealous! We had a "snow day" with barely a light dusting. nothing worth even playing in!

  3. I am glad Sawyer had a blast in the snow. I am not into snow either but then I lived in North Dakota for a couple years.