Friday, January 24, 2014

the good husband.

On this day nine years ago, I started dating Josh Edmondson. He was a pretty good boyfriend, but he is a phenomenal husband. He is my best friend, my confidant and I can't imagine my life without him in it. But what about him makes him my idea of a great husband?

He challenges me. If I am wrong, or being ridiculous about something he'll let me know. If we disagree on something, that's okay, that's what makes us, US. We don't have to have the opinions on everything, and Lord knows we don't. He makes me look at things from a different point of view. How boring would life be if we all agreed on everything?
2006, little babies.

He listens to me. he lets me rant and rave about an issue and doesn't try to solve "the problem" unless I say, "what should I do?" He just lets me talk, is my sounding board for things I can't figure out and sometimes catches the brunt of my anger when I am actually angry at something else.

He knows when I 'need a minute'. Josh can look at me and realize, oh crap, she is about to lose it. He just knows when that moment happens that he needs to leave me be, and let me get over something. He doesn't push for me to "let it go" or try to stay and talk me down.

For example: the time he got a tattoo and I found out he was getting it because our lovely friend Chris Mitchell tagged me in a photo of him getting on it Facebook. Wrath like you've never seen, folks. He just gave me time to get over it and told me I could spend the same amount he spent on the tattoo in clothes. Done deal. 

He is an amazing father. I get confused when people say stuff like "how amazing is my husband? He watched little Johnny so I could finally get some rest, because I'm sick"... ummm that's what they're supposed to do, they made that kid too. Josh is a champion father. I don't have to ask him to do something for Sawyer or beg him to look after him while I cook supper, he just does it. In fact, he is often a more attentive parent than I am. But I realize that not everyone has the luxury of a husband that is an involved dad, I take it for granted. 

He is passionate. I can't imagine being with a man who doesn't have passion for something. Whether it's a sports team or a hobby. Josh is passionate about things like his job and growth in our downtown area, our Pirates and about raising Sawyer right. He is also passionate in other ways.... that I won't mention here if you catch my drift.

He loves my friends. I don't mean that he tolerates them and is polite when they come over, I mean he has conversations with them and counts them as his friends too.

He still puts up with me after 9 years of being together and almost 5 years of marriage.
the earliest picture of us, in 2005
Happy Dating Anniversary Joshua, and don't worry, I don't expect you to remember this anniversary on top of our wedding anniversary (just as long as you can always remember that one).


  1. Sounds like you got yourself a great one!! :) Happy dating anniversary!!!

  2. Omg you were such babies in that first photo! Crazy. I wish Carl and I were more like this re: friends. We definitely embrace each other's but we never had a "group" of friends that was ours, we just met too late in life. Happy Anniversary!