Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the pirate ship bed, it sank.

So remember this post about the awesome pirate ship bed Santa got for Sawyer for Christmas in hopes he would get out of our bed/room?

Yeah, it didn't work.

Christmas night he was pumped couldn't wait to go lay in his bed and go to sleep. Grabbed my hand and walked me to his room and climbed up in there and requested to watch Bubble Guppies. Well, Bubble Guppies ended and then he realized "oh crap, I am laying in a bed in my own room and will not be snuggling with my daddy." Then the screaming started.

And it lasted for two hours. He was hyperventilating, gagging, hitting his head on the wall (I am not even exaggerating).  So, I gave in (well really, Josh gave in because he's a giant softy). He got in our bed.

And stayed there for two nights before we went on vacation to the mountains.

When we got home from the mountains, Josh sailed the ship into our room (without the sail). Sawyer slept by himself in that bed all night since then. So, baby steps people, he will hopefully get used to the bed now that he is actually in it then we will eventually move it back to his room.

Angry ginger toddler drinking juice and watching a DVD in his bed.

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