Monday, January 27, 2014

weekend update

This weekend included shopping for toddler clothes, margaritas at noon and finding my child covered in paint.

Saturday, I dropped Sawyer off with my parents, grabbed my friend Dana and headed to Raleigh to pick up my friend Hope and hit Carter's.

Never did I think I would be so excited to go shopping for toddler clothes. They had a great 40% off sale and I had a coupon along with some Carter's Cash so I got $250 worth of clothes for $130! Being the OCD person I am, I went online before we left and added all the items I wanted into my cart to see my exact total (and plan how to wisely spend my limit of $150, thanks Josh) and then printed out my cart. Planning ahead usually keeps me from going crazy when I see sale (which happens more often than not).

I also took a look at some lanterns at Home Goods and TJ Maxx... I do believe my pockets aren't deep enough to go for the look I want, sadly. Back to the drawing board (aka Pinterest) I go!

After shopping, we grabbed some lunch at Chili's at Brier Creek and treated ourselves to some day drinkin'. After all, Hope had a bad week with her husband being quarantined with the flu and having to keep her 7 month old away from him, so we needed to celebrate her freedom. If you haven't had Chili's new Blueberry Pineapple Fusion Margarita, go try one right now. Seriously.

Once I got back to Tarboro, I decided I'd let Sawyer paint for a little while so that I could wrap some of his new clothes to give to him for his b-day. In the 5 minutes it took me to put the clothes in the spare bedroom and get out the wrapping paper I noticed he was being VERY quiet. I went to check on him in the play room and found this:

Paint everywhere. Needless to say, his little easel got put away and his paint has been hidden.

Sunday was spent being at church, being lazy around our house then taking hte laziness over to Josh's parents' house so I could get some snuggle time in with our precious niece, Karlie. Isn't she precious (side note: those aren't my hands in the picture haha)?!


  1. You were so close to me Saturday! I live like 5 mins away from brier creek! I'm glad you had fun up here! Are the lanterns at Home Depot really expensive? I saw a pin that said they were cheap, but that could have been wrong. What about smaller ones on pillars or something? I'm not sure if that would be any cheaper, but it might save a few dollars!

  2. That is a smart idea to the online shopping and print your cart out.