Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

I am linking up with Kaitlyn @ Put a Bow On it to keep myself accountable for my monthly goals!
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You can read my full post on my January goals here and I must admit that I am pretty proud of the goals I did manage to accomplish.

January Goals
1. Refill my water three times...this happened, along with a lot more bathroom trips (TMI, I know). 
2. No bagels from downstairs.... yes, except this morning when I realized my yogurt was three weeks out of date, oops. 
3. Take the stairs every morning.... this didn't happen and might not ever. I have been taking them on mornings when I am not dragging a giant bag of work stuff to the office and not wearing heals, but I am just too accident prone to tackle those 6 flights in 4 inch heels and a 5 lb. bag. 
4. TWO cups of coffee... I did cut back to two cups, except on a couple of days when the heat in the office was out and I needed a warm beverage.
5. Do my daily devotion in the mornings... yes! 
6. Go to the gym 4 days a week... didn't happen. mainly because of an onslaught of sickness but still, no excuse.

1. Clean out Mema's Closet & Vanity. 
My Mema Kay died five years ago and yet some of her things are still in the closet at my Papa's house and ALL of her makeup is still in her vanity. While I by no means want to forget she ever existed, it is past time for her things to not be everywhere in the house. 

2. Eat two raw meals a day
When I did the raw week diet last April (read here), I loved how much more energy I had and how quickly I lost weight. While I am not ready to commit to raw every day, all day again, I do think I could manage two raw meals a day!

3. Cut down coffee to ONE cup a day
If I can do two, I can do one, right?

4. Actually eat at our kitchen table.
We have (once again) gotten really bad about eating on the couch in front of the TV so we can catch up on TiVo while Sawyer eats at his little table in front of the TV in his playroom. Yes, mom of the year award right here.

5. Read a Classic Novel
While reading the amazing Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare (read about that here), I loved all the classic quotes from literary works she included and it has inspired me to re-read some classics, this time for pleasure instead of for homework. I believe I will start with A Tale of Two Cities, mainly because of this quote:

Here's hoping I stick to my February goals even better than I did to my January ones!


  1. I've been cutting back on coffee too, and a friend recommended drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning. Sounds weird, but I squeeze half a lemon in my large tervis and fill with hot (as you can take) water from the tap. I drink it while making breakfast & lunch for the day, and maybe it's mental but it helps - most days I skip coffee or days I just need it, I end up only drinking 1/2 a cup! Mid afternoon slump I've turned to green tea or Trader Joes peppermint tea (decaf). Good job on man goals and good luck with February!

  2. I rarely drink coffee now in lieu of water, but you're right...I'm peeing like a preggo. NOT FUN.

  3. Thank you for linking up with us pretty lady! Those are great goals that I know you will accomplish! Your coffee is my Dr. Pepper. I've cut back from like 6 a day to one a day so you can totally do it! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  4. Those sound like great goals.