Tuesday, February 18, 2014

stupid knee

I am angry.

Angry at my stupid knee.

I have somehow managed to screw it up again (read about the original screw up and surgery here) and it is messing up my life.

I want to play on the floor with Sawyer and chase after him in the yard.

I want to do squats and lunges and burpees and such (okay, more like I want to have the results from those things, and therefore need to do them).

I want to wear heels again.

I would like to snuggle (and such) with my husband without pain.

But, I am instead rocking what I like to call the "robocop" leg brace. Icing my knee every night after super until bed and wearing stupid flats and outfits that allow for the stupid brace.

look at all that nasty fluid

I have a MRI tomorrow, so we'll see what is in store for my dumb knee.

And yes, this is a whiny post that has no purpose but to let me vent. I also realize I am a spoiled child and that there are people in the world who don't get to do any of these things ever because they have real leg problems.


  1. Aw, vent away dude. That sucks :(

  2. :( ugh. Knee problems are the worst!! I'll be thinking about you and hoping for good results from your MRI and hopefully a way to feel better.