Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the big 2-1

My little sister is 21 today. Twenty-freaking-one

I cannot wrap my head around it. Just last month I was still getting over her being 20.

You won't find my sister face-down on a bar tonight, or dancing on a table (she left that up to me), you'll find her in the library because she has an exam on Friday - I'm not even kidding, this is literally what she said she'd be doing when I asked her what her plans were for her birthday.

Not only will you not find her in those situations because she doesn't drink, but also because she is so extraordinarily dedicated to her schoolwork and to getting into med school. I joke all the time about how I am the black sheep of the family because Big Mark's a physician assistant, The Wendy is a pharmacist and Dee is pre-med... while I am in public relations/marketing - but I am honestly so proud of my sister and her ambition.

I posted last year on her birthday (here) that I look up to my little sister and it is so true. I am in awe of her drive and strong will, and I admire her devout faith and her ability to stand gracefully in the face of adversity.

I was going to dedicate this post to giving her advice about her 21st year of life and the road ahead, but I honestly have nothing for her. She's already got an amazing guy that is already part of our family, her Christian walk is more faithful than mine, and she has a dream she is chasing with all her might.

If there's anything I could tell her about this year is for her to live a little. To not get so bogged down with studying and all her extra-curricular activities. Take at least one day to not do anything and just enjoy the fact that she lives at the beach and has an amazing GPA (unlike her sister who left UNC-Wilmington with a 1.56 GPA).

I am heading to Wilmington this weekend along with my parents to spend the weekend with her in celebration of her birthday and I can hardly wait to give her a big birthday hug and try to make her drink at least a glass of wine.

Also, can you tell we're related? Folks at home mistake us for each other all the time despite the 5.5-year age difference and the fact that I have auburn hair and she's a blonde.

Me at 20 and Dee at 20

Happy Birthday Dee!


  1. Yup, you are the same person. Also, this post rocks. I wish I was as close to my sister as you guys are! I hope she has an awesome birthday!

  2. I always love reading about the relationships that sisters have. Sounds like y'all have a great one. I hope that she had an awesome birthday... and y'all do look just alike. People confuse me and my sister all the time, and we are a lot less similar.