Monday, February 10, 2014


Today, my Sawbug is 3. In the time between him turning 2 and today, he has grown and developed so much. He is opinionated (like his mother) and super accident-prone (also like me), but has his daddy's temper and patience. He is caring and silly and never fails to brighten my mood with his crazy dances and singing.

I am shocked every day by his vocabulary and in awe of how much his little brain understands. His favorite words lately are "probably", "also", and "actually". He is not scared to correct someone either (hence the use of the word "actually").

He is also very stubborn. He tries my and Josh's patience on a daily basis and seems to think he can get away with anything by saying "Please forgive me, mommy". The other day he said, "I am actually very sorry," and I could do nothing but laugh, even though I was about to spank him for eating his playdoh, something I've told him not to do a thousand times.

Stories at bedtime are his favorite, but he wants you to make up the stories and he also enjoys adding little details to them as you are telling them. For example: if you are telling a story about a Curious George helping you decorate for his birthday party, Sawyer will add that Curious George also helped blow up balloons along with hanging up a banner. And yes, he is still sleeping in his pirate ship bed but in our room (we're working on moving it back to his room soon).

Sookie and him have become even closer lately, and he loves to tell her what to do.

just hanging out in the hallway...

I am not going to pretend like this past year hasn't been difficult. Having a toddler is trying and can be extraordinarily tough, but it is also rewarding when they finally start to listen or when I see the little light bulb in his head light up when he learns something new. He makes messes like its his job and can be such a smart mouth sometimes (he literally said, "Watch me!" the other night when I said, "Don't you touch that paint!"). But he can also be the sweetest little human around.

I am so thankful for Sawyer and all that he taught me. Come by tomorrow to see how we celebrated his birthday, Paw Patrol style.


  1. So cute! Happy Birthday Sawyer!!

  2. That video was so cute! It's amazing what comes out of the mouths of 3 year olds. So much fun!