Tuesday, March 25, 2014

balancing act

Someone mentioned to me a while back that I don't blog about Sawyer very often. So naturally I went through my posts and tried to see how often I mentioned my 3-year-old in blog posts. It isn't a lot. It's not because he doesn't do a lot of crazy things or because I don't spend a lot of time thinking about him, because I assure you - homie keeps us on our toes. After perusing through my posts, I also thought, well I don't mention Josh every post either and nobody has commented on how I leave my husband out...

Then I realized the reason behind the person asking me about Sawyer... it's because people expect women to be all about their child once they have children. So I am here today to say that while Sawyer is a ginormous part of my life and a major priority, he is not my entire life. I balance a few different roles, and being a mother is a very important one, but so is being a wife, daughter, sister, director of marketing, and friend.

You've seen it. Those women that have children and then immediately shut themselves off from the world and make their whole existence only about their kids. But guess what? Those women are still wives (or girlfriends/significant others) and friends and cousins and sisters. You might become a mother when you have a baby, but that doesn't mean you have to drop every other title you have.

By all means, please love your kid. Let your life revolve around them every now and then and enjoy every moment you get to spend with him/her. But don't become so wrapped up in being "the perfect mother" because first of all, that doesn't exist and second of all, if you're so focused on that you might forget that other people matter too.

I adore my crazy ginger toddler and I love telling people about his latest shenanigans and how stinking smart he is, but I also have other things to say. I have a job that I love and I enjoy sharing stories about ECU-related things, I also have an amazing husband that I like to talk about too. Not to mention I have some pretty cool friends who I like to talk about getting together with as well. It's a balancing act. You learn how to do the best you can with every role you play and try to avoid falling over while doing so.


  1. When I found your blog, read a few posts, then saw in your about me that you were a mom I was almost shocked. And it made me like you that much more. Not that I don't want you to gush about your kid--but typically, once a blogger I like becomes a mom--that's all their blog becomes about. And it doesn't matter how much I like the blogger, eventually I find myself clicking the "unfollow" button because there's only so many posts about spit up and diaper changes that I can take about a kid who isn't mine. I so appreciate what you said about not dropping your other titles. You are still you--you just have a fancy little side kick!!

  2. YES YES YES!!! This is exactly what we were talking about and you are so right! The balance is so important and in my opinion makes you that much better of a mom/wife/friend/etc.

    PS Love Joey's "fancy little side kick" title. ^^ I think that fits Sawyer perfectly! :)