Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camo and Hockey

Oh, hi, remember me? I have been a horrible blogger lately, but I'm back with fun things... well me for anyway. And yes, I am reviewing my weekend on a Wednesday. Slack.

I grabbed a blunch (blogger lunch, duh) with my girl Marianna from Delightfully Dunn on Saturday and then we ran some errands together. We are obviously bad bloggers though because neither of us grabbed a pic, although I did indeed grab a photo of my food. If you live in eastern NC, you have to go to The Scullery. It is my absolute favorite lunch spot and has to-die-for breakfast and lunch options ranging from unique salads and sandwiches to egg-in-the-hole and salmon covered bagels. Even better? They have crazy ice cream. I am talking pear flavored, lavender & chamomile flavored or even Strawberry Pop tart flavored.  Not to mention, the owner is so kind and takes time to talk to everyone who comes in the door.

Saturday my parents came over for dinner and we ate my favorite dish to make, orange chicken (check the recipe here).

After dinner Sawyer went home with my folks and Josh and I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to head to Raleigh. Josh's parents gave us (and his brother) "buy one get one free" ticket packs for the Carolina Hurricane hockey game so we decided to use them all in one weekend and invite our tailgate crew along... but first we had to go to Bass Pro Shop with Josh's brother and fiance. In case you've never been to Bass Pro Shop, it is basically heaven for hunters, fishermen and outdoors men, so in other words, hell for me.


sooo much camo.

The hockey game was a blast though, we got to see some great fights and while I basically had no idea what was going on the whole time, it was still fun to our crew!

 my husband never knows where to look during a picture.

We even get to see them this coming weekend too for my best friend Hope's birthday party, it's like football season!


  1. So jealous of your blunch! That is so much camo. Remember Leah and Corey's wedding from Teen Mom 2?

  2. Okay first of all? Your blog design is adorable. Love love love it! Bass pro is the hubs favorite place too--and like you, for me, it's hell! haha! He got a bunch of gift cards there once and we spent nearly 2 hours walking around. I wanted to jump in the fish aquarium just to get the heck outta there! Hurricane's games are always SO fun! Where in NC do you live? I'm about an hour outside of Raleigh (in between Dunn and Lillington).