Monday, March 10, 2014

little angry things

So I have been slacking in the blog department lately. Not just because I've been super busy between work and Relay for Life stuff, but also because I am lacking in post ideas and such with nothing really exciting happening this way (and no time to try new recipes/crafts).

But then the other day several little things happened that annoy me to no end, you know, those little things that just make you angrier than they should. And I thought, hey I wonder if these things anger other people to. So with nothing else to talk about and a honest curiosity if I am the only one who HATES these little things, I present to you: angry little things. 

1. When your bra strap or purse strap will NOT stay where it is supposed to
I get so irrationally angry when I have to keep dragging my bra strap up on my arm or if my heavy purse keeps coming loose off my shoulder. Sadly, my favorite Longchamp bag hardly ever stays on my shoulder because of this.
it obviously ticks off this lady too 

2. When I bump my shins on a shopping cart
I sadly do this almost every time I use a shopping cart. Apparently my arms hold the cart too close for my legs to not slam into the little bar on the bottom of the cart. It hurts so bad and always make me holler out in pain as other people glance awkwardly at me.

3. When people "talk" to their kids on Facebook when they aren't even old enough to see/read it.

This will probably really make some people angry at me, but WHHYY do people talk to their kids on Facebook when the kids are not only not even ON Facebook but also not old enough to read? Why would I tell Sawyer I love him via Facebook status when I could just tell him that in person? It's one thing to say, "man, I love my kid" or "Sawyer manged to eat an entire box of playdoh today, WTF?" on the Book, but addressing him as if he will actually read and decipher a Facebook status? It baffles and for some mysterious reason angers me. Why does it make me angry and why do I care what other people choose to put on their Facebook? Another mystery.

4. When people leave their turn signals on LONG after they've turned.
I feel like this needs no explanation.

5. When water bottles are SO flimsy that you can't open them without soaking yourself in water
I get it water bottle companies, you want to use recycled plastic but SERIOUSLY you couldn't find a plastic that won't bend and push water up around the cap every time I try to open my water? Thank goodness I use my Bubba Keg for water refills at home & work instead of buying bottled water.

What little things make you irrationally angry?


  1. Number 1 - yes and always. My bra straps never stay put no matter how much I adjust them. Same with my purse. Argh. Also, I talk to my dog on social least Sawyer can understand you haha

  2. Bah! I hate water bottles spilling on me that happens all the time! I am guilty of the turn signal it absent mindedness and is completely my fault.

  3. I avoid water bottles for that very reason. Ugh. Oh and you should totally post that status. I'm sure sawyer would love it. ;)

  4. Just stalking you after doing a little blog surfing and I have to say 1) I love that your child also embarrases you in public and 2) I have thought about tweeting @aquafina about their weak water bottles.

  5. The bra strap thing drives me crazy too. I spent most of the day doing that with mine and it is my new one so they can't be stretched out yet.

  6. Oooooooh, girl. It's like you just got inside my brain. I quit fb a while ago--and luckily people rarely do that on twitter--but back when I WAS I always wanted to comment like "okay Mommy, now come change my diaper." Or something really stupid just to call them out. We all know you love your kid. Now get off the computer and tell THEM that. Okay--sorry that clearly got me angrier than it should have haha! The bra strap thing pisses me off. I work from home now, so it's rare I ever even put a normal bra on (sports bra all the way--you know--in case I get the itch to actually work out--which I probably wont). But when I do have to wear a normal bra, the strap is all over the dang place like a cheap drunk!