Monday, April 21, 2014

a nice long weekend

We had a nice long weekend that ended up being exceptionally busy! On Good Friday, Sawyer and I picked up my daddy (who had back surgery 3 weeks ago) and took him with us to run some errands. He doesn't get out of the house that often since he hasn't been released to drive yet, so I decided a "short" trip to Target and to grab some lunch would be perfect for him. Sadly, my Jeep was not perfect for him and he had a really hard time getting in and out of it, oops.

Saturday morning Sawyer & I made the rounds visiting grandparents and picking up his Easter treats (and enjoying my Mema's amazing grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch) then hit the Easter egg hunt at church. Sadly, the rain and cold resulted in an indoor hunt, but the kiddos had a blast any way. 

my friend Dana reading the Easter story to the group... can you tell she's a first grade teacher?

how is my kid this big?!

Colton showing off his chocolate egg

Sawyer "won" the Easter egg hunt by finding 22 eggs and was pumped that he got a special prize ... which you totally can't tell by his blank stare here

little dare devils

Cheetoh dust everywhere.
Sunday we woke up and Sawyer got a great a silp-n-slide from the Easter bunny (that Josh & I are equally excited about)! After putting on our Easter outfits and heading to church for a great service we ate lunch at church, then ate more at Josh's Uncle Jack & Aunt Beth's before heading to Josh's grandma's for our regular Sunday dinner. 

I hope you and yours had a great Easter weekend, it is wonderful to get three days to spend with our families and celebrate our risen Savior (and enjoy some delicious Easter candy too).

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