Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pirate Fest weekend

This weekend was the annual Pirate Fest in Greenville, so of course like any decent member of the Pirate Nation, Josh, Sawyer and I headed downtown to meet up with our tailgate crew and enjoy the festivities. Pirate Fest has tons of things for adults and kids to enjoy from the international fair down by the river to vendors and yummy food on Evans Street and then a beer garden and main entertainment area in the middle of everything. Not to mention our spring football game in the afternoon.

Sawyer obviously not into the picture...

After brunch at Winslow's the ladies and babies (except Sawyer who said, "I don't want to go with the girls!") headed to UBE to stock up on some Pirate apparel, as if we needed any more.

When we returned from our shopping trip, I found my poor ginger baby ready to go home and already turning bright red from the heat despite several layers of sunscreen. We convinced him to stick around awhile and listen to the music and enjoy watching the people dressed as pirates.
my guys watching the music

loving the fierce shade Kate is throwing here for snapping a picture when she wasn't ready

By about 2:00 Sawyer (and his daddy) had enough. Sawyer didn't want to ride in his stroller anymore and it was way too hot to walk around holding him. We headed home and decided the perfect way to cool off was to play with the water hose in the backyard and also bathe the chocolate beast.

I just observed from the hammock...


  1. Aww so fun!! I hate I missed it this year - Robbie had a blast!!

  2. Looks like a blast! Winslows was my favorite downtown restaurant. On my race Sunday, there were several people wearing ECU shirts cheering everyone on. I wanted to yell Go Pirates! at each of them!