Thursday, May 22, 2014

high school - not all bad.

As I see a bunch of kids posting their high school graduation pictures (which is making me feel super old because I remember when some of these people were BORN), I have been reminiscing about the good parts of high school.  Not the drama and petty fights or the emotional roller coaster that goes along with being a teenage girl, but just a few things that happen during those four years:

  • all my friends being in one place - granted, we are blessed that most of our friends live within 1 to 2 hours of us, but none of us live right down the road from each other like our high school friends did
  • watching high school sports - I wouldn't trade my college football for anything, but high school sports are a different breed. Being at school all day with your friends surrounded by other people who are just as amped about the night's game as you are, being able to move around in the bleachers and visit friends, planning post-game fun (even if we did end up at BoJangles or Mama's Pizza usually). Planning out your outfits for the game like 2 weeks in advance...
  • having time to do things - There was no weekend dedicated to cleaning the house, doing laundry or mowing the grass and the only activities that were required after school were either practice, a game or our part time jobs. We spent weekends together at parties, having sleepovers, having girls nights (that always ended up including the guys)  and we had spontaneous, impromptu visits since we didn't have so many obligations like we do as adults. 
messing around in the McDonald's play place (that is a nasty plastic "window" we have our faces smashed against)
  • having a designated lunch time - Yes, this is a small thing but man did I take knowing I was going to have a good 30-45 minute lunch (that cost less than $3) for granted. Now I might work through lunch or run out to grab something and bring it back to my desk most days, thankfully I try to schedule at least one lunch date every other week to break that up but it was nice knowing I was going to eat (even if it was cafeteria food or a brown bag lunch) with my friends every day between classes. 
  • soccer - or really any organized sport. I miss working out not being an option thanks to practice and games. I was always my thinnest during soccer season (of course if you'd asked me then I'd of said "omg, I'm so fat.") I miss the camaraderie of going through a tough game together, singing on the back of the bus and of course knocking girls down on the field.
singing into our super flip phones on the way home from a soccer game
  • pep rallies - because they were awesome.
Then there's those specific random memories I have like stolen kisses between classes with a crush/boyfriend or riding three people deep in a two-seater truck because the back seat is just a GIANT speaker that made me giggle uncontrollably because the bass vibrated my chest so hard I couldn't even talk. Or crying through graduation because my best friend was the valedictorian and her speech reminded me about all the good things that I experienced in my little town that I just couldn't wait to get away from. 

Do you miss anything about high school?

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  1. I'm so jealous of your united sports front. My high school sports teams were all TERRIBLE and it was actually social suicide to be a cheerleader. I always longed for those TV moments where everyone was at the football game cheering the team on.

    Also, I would totally dust off my flip phone and start using it again.