Wednesday, June 25, 2014

clubbin', the country kind.

Growing up in a small town meant that our summertime fun choices were pretty limited. There was no water park, our regular park was pitiful, and there aren't but so many trips to the library you can make. Thankfully my friends and I were lucky enough that our parents were members at Maccripine Country Club.

Our Country Club is truly a country club. There's no restaurant, the clubhouse is small and only has a few snacks, drinks and hotdogs (and a bar that we weren't even allowed to walk through back in the day), and the pool chairs were falling to pieces. This is no highfalutin place. We didn't care about any of those things, all we needed was a pool, a juke box and the independence that came from being left alone at the club.

When I hit the magical age of 11, I was allowed to be dropped off at the country club in the mornings and picked up some time after lunch.  Me and my friends played Marco Polo, categories, shark, and other water games then dried off in our pool chairs reading Teen Beat magazines.

When we got hungry, we'd throw on our coverups and Jelly sandals and walk across the yard to the clubhouse, waving at our grandpas/uncles/daddy's and their friends as they practiced on the putting green or driving drive. Then we'd take turns selecting hotdogs from the spinning cooker and grab a can of Pepsi before asking the golf pro to put it on our daddy's tabs. I literally had no idea that country club food cost anything, I thought daddy's tab was a magical bill you didn't pay.

On super awesome days, Miss Peggy, an older lady who never missed a day at the pool, would take our lunch orders and visit the local grill to get us cheeseburgers and french fries. I can still remember checking all the hidden nooks and crannies of my pool bag trying to find enough change to give to her for my food.

Those were the days. Maccripine was our paradise. We were tan beyond belief (with hardly any sunscreen), super skinny from all the swimming and running (despite all the food) and had zero worries except hoping that our grandmas or babysitters weren't the first ones there to pick us up.

When I hit 15, that all changed. That summer, my mema drove me to the local social security office and I got myself a work permit so I could work at my mama's drug store. Gone were the days of being dropped at the pool and lounging for hours on end. Even when I had my hours changed to work from 8am to 1pm so I still had time to hit the pool, my friends and I had all different schedules. Not to mention that by this time my Uncle Gene (who ran the clubhouse) had learned that daddy was not fond of me putting things on his tab.

As we got older, those lazy days of summer and the care-free trips to Maccripine where we all just happened to show up there at the same time turned into scheduled moments here and there where we showed up with little sisters or children we were babysitting and spent just as much time gossiping and lounging as we did chasing after them.

The only time I get to visit our country club now (even though my parents live at the 12th green) is when someone has a wedding reception or party in the big club ballroom.

I miss those simple days when summer actually meant something besides warmer weather, your friends were all in one place and daddy's tab covered everything you needed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

money worries

I am a natural worry wart.

Since I enjoy being in control of a situation and I am more than a little OCD about organization and making plans, when I can’t predict the outcome of a situation or when there’s no way to plan for what’s ahead, I PANIC.

My biggest worry lately is how we are going to pay for this 18 week nugget that I’m currently cooking.

While Josh and I both have jobs we enjoy, our salaries are just enough to pay our bills, allow for the occasional restaurant meal, and have about $10 left over at the end of the month.

Lately, things have been stretched a little thin with a few surprise expenses, a recent vacation with my family and a new payment plan at my OB (our hospital requires that baby E’s delivery be paid for before he is born).

With the thought of another daycare payment around next January (btw, we still have no idea where homie is going to stay when I go back to work), Sawyer’s upcoming monthly preschool cost coming in August and the endless amount of diapers to be purchased soon is giving me more than a little anxiety.

So, while we have already set a “save more money” plan in motion, I have also decided it’s time to let go of some designer clothes and my treasured Lilly Pulitzer comforter set from our guest bedroom (since it now has no bed to go on with that room becoming the nursery).

Stay tuned for a big blog sale featuring said comforter, some Lilly dresses, and some of my favorite designer jeans featuring brands such as 7FAM, Hudson & Joe's. 

With all that said, I am also thankful that my dad (also my Sunday school teacher) just started a new lesson series with DavidJeremiah’s, “Christians Have Stress Too” study plan. While the book does indeed cover how we as Christians can be stressed just like anyone else, it also talks about how we should rely on the “peace of God, which transcends all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). You should totally check it out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

as of late...

it's been a super busy past couple of days around this hood!

Last Friday, Josh & I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Well, when I say celebrated, I mean we acknowledged what day it was. We went out to a wonderful dinner at Chart House while we were in Hilton Head the other week as our celebration, so Friday we just ordered take out and hung out with Sawyer at the house!

Sunday, we had fun with our daddies and grandpas for Father's Day and I gave Josh the most ridiculous gift: a $30 cup. Yes, a cup that costs $30. All he kept talking about was wanting a Yeti Rambler, which is a cup made by Yeti Coolers that stays cold all day. And costs $30.

Then Sawyer enjoyed playing with his little squirting giraffe pool, which for some reason he has named "Cindy". We had forgotten his bathing suit, so he had a ball in his underwear, in my parents backyard, which faces the 12th hole at the country club. #country

Then began a super hectic week. Sawyer has Zoo Camp this week from Monday to Thursday each morning. A local family has a bunch of exotic animals including a kangaroo, dwarf horse, teacup pig, zebra and llamas. This week, they've opening their "zoo" to a bunch of local kids who are learning about the animals, making some fun zoo crafts and having a blast. 

Sawyer (towards the middle, sitting in front of the standing lady) listening to animals stories with the kids
he has apparently fallen in love with Mrs Bobbi Jo, the owner and refuses to leave her side. She posted this on fbook yesterday with the caption "the love of my life"
On top of zoo camp, Sawyer also has Vacation Bible School at church every night this week. He had a fit when I tried to leave him last night, but thankfully calmed down once he realized that they weren't just sitting around listening to bible stories. 

riding horses at VBS
enjoying some snacks (which must be why he fell asleep at 11pm last night)
Stay tuned, posts will finally become more regular (hopefully) once life calms down a little!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

this time and last time

With my second pregnancy I have noticed so many things have been different. Since I have already been through it once I thought I would surely be used to the side effects, cravings, extreme tired-ness and general pregnant feeling. I was wrong.

1. The number one difference between my pregnancy with Sawyer and this little nugget was how quick I started to show. At about 12 weeks I was already starting to show, to the point that I am glad we went ahead and told people because I wasn't going to be able to hide it much longer. Not only have I started actually looking pregnant sooner, but I also look different. My bump isn't just confined to my lower abdomen, instead it spreads across my whole belly.

blurry bump pic last week at 16 weeks

2. With Sawyer, I was hungry all the time (once I got past the first 12 weeks of nausea) but now I have a ton of food aversions (sadly). I try to snack on fruit, veggies and crunchy stuff like Pringles and pretzels throughout the day between meals because if I let myself get too hungry before a meal I just cannot eat it. It's like I am starving but not a single food appeals to me. So far, despite the belly, I have actually lost weight instead of gaining - but I have a feeling that will change soon.

3. I have craved juicy fruits like watermelon, peaches and plums while my first pregnancy cravings centered around sugary snacks like gummy worms, peach rings and skittles. I have also been absolutely dying for sushi, like I almost cried about it a couple of nights ago I wanted it so bad (#firstworldproblems, #pathetic). I finally called my OB and said "what do you really think about sushi?" to which he responded, "pretty much anything is okay in moderation if you try to eat the cooked variety such as crab or shrimp and if you have to go raw, go for salmon". Thank god.

sushi: demolished

4. I have had major baby brain. The other day I had to go to the bathroom before leaving the house and had my keys in my hand. When I finished, I turned around and pointed my keys at the toilet and hit the button in attempts to flush the commode that way. Geez.

Other than that, things have been great, we are super excited that we are having another little boy and we're so pumped for Sawyer to be a big brother.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HHI 2014

I've posted about Hilton Head Island, SC in the past and about how my family has vacationed there since I was small and I am so happy that we got to spend another week there last week. Even though it is a nice 6 hour haul from our house, it still feels like coming home every time we turn into Shipyard Plantation.

so much excitement on the car ride there between watching DVD's, taking naps and me getting to actually read a book!

This year was one for the books because my little sister, Deanna and her boyfriend John got engaged!!

John and Dee went for a bike ride on the beach and he popped the question while they were there! They've been dating for six years and John truly feels like he has always been part of our family, so we are thrilled that they will be married June 6, 2015 in the NC mountains!

(top to bottom) Dee's ring, mama's ring and mine 
I can hardly wait to plan the wedding (which, let's be honest, I've already been doing for awhile) and have fun celebrating with our families.
getting a head start by watching "Say Yes to the Dress"

The whole trip was wonderful. We enjoyed the beach, splashing (and laying by) the pool, playing Frisbee, and generally just ignoring emails and work calls while we relaxed with our family.

Sawyer loved having so many people around to play with, especially since my daddy has finally recovered enough from his back surgery to really get on the floor and play again (even if he still can't hold or pick up Sawyer).
"exploring" with Sawyer's pirate telescopes
Sawyer's other favorite activity was not only playing in the sand and digging giant holes, but also attempting to bury us in the sand too.

we realized on Tuesday that every one of us was wearing an ECU hat on the beach haha
We mostly ate at the house and Josh and John made seafood boil on Tuesday night that was amazing, Mema Dean even enjoyed it.

I am so glad we were able to travel and enjoy a week-long vacation with my family and made so many memories together while we were there!

Monday, June 9, 2014


We started our week back from Hilton Head (expect a large picture dump/post from the trip tomorrow) with an early morning doctor's appointment to not only have some general labs done but to also find out the gender of baby Edmo #2!

We aren't having a gender reveal party or anything special to let the world know what we're having so I am happy to announce that come Nov. 20 (-ish) we will be adding another boy to the Edmondson family!

Looks like me and Sookie will be the only ladies in our family, and I am excited that all the precious bubble suits, smoked jon jon's and longalls will be able to used again for our second little boy!

I kind of had a feeling that we'd be blessed with another little man, so I can't wait to use some of the ideas I've been pinning for his nursery!

Now if only we could decide on a name....