Wednesday, June 18, 2014

as of late...

it's been a super busy past couple of days around this hood!

Last Friday, Josh & I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Well, when I say celebrated, I mean we acknowledged what day it was. We went out to a wonderful dinner at Chart House while we were in Hilton Head the other week as our celebration, so Friday we just ordered take out and hung out with Sawyer at the house!

Sunday, we had fun with our daddies and grandpas for Father's Day and I gave Josh the most ridiculous gift: a $30 cup. Yes, a cup that costs $30. All he kept talking about was wanting a Yeti Rambler, which is a cup made by Yeti Coolers that stays cold all day. And costs $30.

Then Sawyer enjoyed playing with his little squirting giraffe pool, which for some reason he has named "Cindy". We had forgotten his bathing suit, so he had a ball in his underwear, in my parents backyard, which faces the 12th hole at the country club. #country

Then began a super hectic week. Sawyer has Zoo Camp this week from Monday to Thursday each morning. A local family has a bunch of exotic animals including a kangaroo, dwarf horse, teacup pig, zebra and llamas. This week, they've opening their "zoo" to a bunch of local kids who are learning about the animals, making some fun zoo crafts and having a blast. 

Sawyer (towards the middle, sitting in front of the standing lady) listening to animals stories with the kids
he has apparently fallen in love with Mrs Bobbi Jo, the owner and refuses to leave her side. She posted this on fbook yesterday with the caption "the love of my life"
On top of zoo camp, Sawyer also has Vacation Bible School at church every night this week. He had a fit when I tried to leave him last night, but thankfully calmed down once he realized that they weren't just sitting around listening to bible stories. 

riding horses at VBS
enjoying some snacks (which must be why he fell asleep at 11pm last night)
Stay tuned, posts will finally become more regular (hopefully) once life calms down a little!

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