Monday, July 7, 2014

the 4th (and 5th)

We had a fairly low-key Fourth of July weekend. After sleeping late (which is 8am for Sawyer) him and Josh ran some "daddy" errands at Lowes and Walmart while I cleaned a little then we headed to my parents house for some burgers. When my dad cooks (which he does often) he goes all out. We didn't just have regular run-of-the-mill burgers, we had mushroom & swiss stuffed burgers thanks to a new gadget he bought.

They were delicious.

After lunch me & my mom went to the Carter's outlet in hopes of finding Baby E some cute, long-sleeved 3 month sized clothes on sale... with no luck. Thankfully their website had a great sale and I got around 11 outfits for less than $70.

Once I got back home, me and my guys went to the local park where Sawyer got to enjoy some "inflatable fun". He had a ball bouncing in the bounce house, sliding down the big slide and REALLY had fun in the blow-up obstacle course.

Tarboro's fireworks are super visible from Sawyer's babysitter's (who we call "B", also our best friend Chris' mom) yard so we parked the truck in front of their house and enjoyed the fireworks show, and the company, with all his daycare friends and Chris' family. We are so blessed that B and her family are just like our own family, we sat there for 2.5 hours just talking and watching Sawyer play with his friends. Sawyer and the kids all sat in the bed of Josh's truck and "oohed" and "ahhed" over the fireworks picking their favorites while the grownups plopped in rocking chairs and on blankets.

Sawyer also discovered sparklers... and his love for fire.

Saturday we woke up and hit the pool at Josh's grandma's where Sawyer swam with his granddaddy and Mimi while Josh washed his truck and I got some sunshine. A little too much sunshine apparently since I now have a tanline from my hand that had Sawyer's super strength sunscreen on it that I apparently let rest on my leg for too long. #gingerprobz

While our July 4th's have changed a lot from our early days of parties, downtown celebrations and not making it to the fireworks - I truly wouldn't trade how we "party" now for our we partied then. 


  1. Hahaha okay when you texted me this I couldn't really see it but now I can. Surprisingly that's never happened to me (yet) but I did get a nice burn the other day being outside for 20 mins. 20 mins!!

  2. Oh that handprint is precious. I was pretty burnt from Saturday and forgetting to put sunscreen on my scalp. Ouch!