Wednesday, July 9, 2014

tractor traffic

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you saw this rant today:

In my 28 minute (on a good day) commute to work from my little town of Tarboro to the "big city" of Greenville I take a back road and then a main road, both of which run parallel to several farms and big gardens. Because I know that right now is prime harvesting season in our neck of the woods, I leave a good 10 minutes early for work or I accept the consequences of my actions and deal with getting stuck behind a slow moving tractor, combine, or giant flatbed truck full of veggies, tobacco or equipment. It is the way of life here.

So this morning I was very disappointed when the drivers in a long line of cars I was traveling behind got visibly angry at a tractor we ended up following down the road a good portion of the commute (that just so happens to be curvy and a no passing zone). They honked their horns at him, flipped the bird when they finally passed or followed him way too closely. That tractor driver didn't pay them any mind and just kept trucking along at about 15 mph.

I was baffled. Having grown up surrounded by farm land, having friends whose parents are farmers, and relying on local gardeners (including my papa) to provide me with my summer veggies, I have always been taught to respect the profession and appreciate what these men and women do. Some of them help put food on my table with their edible crops while others support our state and community economically with their cash crops like tobacco and cotton. So why would you act so hateful towards a man who is just doing his job. He did not set out this morning on his tractor just to piss you off and make you late for work!

Growing up here, you learn to appreciate the beauty of a giant field of lush tobacco leaves or corn stalks and seeing a field of cotton is an every day thing, not just a pretty picture on Pinterest. Take a look at northcarolina_ag on instagram and see how absolutely beautiful the NC rural areas are:

If all that beauty (and deliciousness) means that every once in awhile I get stuck behind a tractor or two, I'll take it.

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