Friday, September 26, 2014

27 on the 27th

This Saturday, I will turn 27 on Sept. 27th. While I am excited about presents, grabbing lunch with some girlfriends and dinner with my folks that night, I am also kind of in denial about how old I am.

I realize that 27 is by no means over the hill but when I think about where my 17-year-old self thought I'd be at 27, I realize how wrong I was on some things, and how thankfully right I was about others.

I thought I'd be married... but without children. In fact, I used to think I didn't want kids at all, and look at me now pregnant with a second one on my 27th birthday. But, I wouldn't change it for the world.

I thought I'd be a writer at some fancy magazine. But boy, am I glad I was wrong about that. I seriously have never been so happy in a job as I am right now. While I would certainly enjoy making a little more money than I do, I am so proud to be working at my alma mater!

thought I would no longer be living in Edgecombe County. I always said I was getting out of here the first chance I got, but as I've gotten older I've realized what a blessing my little town is and I've loved watching it grow!

I thought I'd be married to the same guy I dated in high school and college. And thank God I was right about that one. I am so grateful to call Joshua my husband and happy that I get to raise two children with him.

I thought I'd be best friends with the exact same group of people. I was both wrong and right about this. There are some that I am still super close to that I was friends with at 17, some that I no longer speak to, and then there are friends that are brand new since then. I couldn't be happier with all my people!

Here's to some things going just the way you planned, and to those little changes that make all the difference!


  1. Happy 27th! I always feel like I'm in this weird time spot where I can remember what I thought of people my current age when I was younger. Side note- I am still not the best judge of age at all and even though I am 27 I can't tell when others are 27. I typically make people out younger than they are! You truly don't look 27 and I would guess 25!

  2. Yay happy 27th! It's always amazing to look back and see where we thought we would be. 27 seems old when you're in your late teens and even early 20's but thankfully it's so not. Have the best birthday ever!

  3. Ahh your golden birthday!! :) Have a great time celebrating!!!