Thursday, October 2, 2014

Busy October

October used to be my favorite month. Fall is starting, football season is in full swing, leaves are changing, and the boots and scarves are making their way out of the closet....  but this year October isn't going to be so great. 

Nothing bad has happened in the two days that it's been October but man is there a lot ahead. 

Between four different events taking place in my College, a few big meetings and career fairs and having to say goodbye to our amazing Dean that's retiring Oct. 31, work is going to be a crazy place. 

On top of that, Relay for Life is in full swing even though the event won't take place until May 1-2, 2015. We have a lot of pre-planning to do and (if I'm honest) a lot of changes that have come down from the American Cancer Society are really affecting our event. I am seriously displeased with some of the event layout changes, modifications to our committee structure, and how the event will now be handled. When I first agreed to be a co-chair for Relay, I was working at the brewery where I left every day at 3pm and didn't have to even think about work when I left, but now with my more-involved and busier position at ECU, Relay is going to be a lot more difficult (especially considering that I will be having a baby some time around the kick-off for 2015). Thankfully I have an amazing side-kick, my friend Caroline, for Relay and I am still thankful to be part of such a great cause... even if the corporate side is taking some of the fun out of it. 

I am also not happy with NC weather right now. It is hot. Granted, it is still the very beginning of October, but dag on it I want to wear comfy dresses with maternity tights and boots, scarves and big sweaters over skinny jeans/leggings not still be wearing my spring-y maternity stuff!! Get with the program weather, I want it in the high 60s, low 70s!!

On the plus side,  October also has a lot of happiness. We have homecoming at ECU this weekend, "Sawyer Weekend" next weekend, and then the very next weekend I am going to see "Gone Girl" with my friends Hope & Kate. Not to mention Halloween and possibly this baby being born around the end of the month.

So, you may be only getting a sporadic post from me this month, but I promise not to completely drop off the blog train!


  1. I won't complain about how busy my month is looking.

  2. Hi! I miss you and although it feels like I've fallen off the face of the Earth, I haven't (I don't think). But happy late birthday!! You, as always, are looking so stinkin adorable! Brody Scott is the cutest name, although I still love that Sawyer calls him Rocky. Sawyer by the way, still sounds like my kinda guy - his Sawyer Weekend is going to be so fun! What a neat idea! The nursery looks fab! And I love that you ate a spoonful of sprinkles! Hope you're doing well...I'm sorry we keep missing each other but I think about you often!!