Friday, August 29, 2014

Your first home football game might be tomorrow if...

  • You had to legit make a list of when to start prepping food, just so you have ample time to have it all ready, yet still tasting fresh while allowing yourself enough time to get ready for the game in the morning. It's a process, y'all. 

  • After gulping down your morning orange juice quickly because you were running late, you had the sudden urge to put the empty cup on the edge of the table and flip it at lightning speed.

just your average 9am game of flipcup last year...

  • Your first text message of the morning was this:

  • You have checked the clock all morning willing it to say 5pm so you can go home and get this party started. 

  • You've known what game day outfit you're going to wear since forever (or since you ordered it offline/bought it at a local boutique), but you found yourself laying it out on the bed this morning just to make sure it still looks awesome (which it totally does). 

28 weeks pregnant + 92 degrees = maxi dress

  • You've been stalking your athletics/equipment/college radio social media sites for updates. 

  • You're dressed in game day colors today (which is basically every Friday around here since we always #paintitpurple). 

  • You and your friends have texted all morning, finalizing plans even though they've been decided on for months. 

  • Your/your husband's/your boyfriend's truck is already packed with the tent, chairs, grill and charcoal and the tailgate lot hang-tang is already in place. 


How I feel when inviting people to an East Carolina University tailgate:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I passed, kinda.

So you may have seen this glorious picture on my Instagram on Tuesday:

Yours truly failed the one-hour glucose screening test (which is just a routine check of a pregnant lady's blood sugar level in reaction to a nasty, nasty glucose solution). I failed that joker the first time around with Sawyer too, so I wasn't too surprised when I got the call saying my level was elevated and I needed to take the longer, 3-hour glucose tolerance test.

So, despite really needing to be at work on Tuesday morning (since it was our first day of classes), I grabbed my iPad and headed to the lab to hang out for almost four hours and drink a super dosage of the glucose drink and get my blood drawn every hour for 3 hours, all while fasting since midnight the night before. Needless to say, I was hungry, ill and super dehydrated by the time I left that place.

Later that night, I got a call from my doctor's nurse saying, "Well, you passed.... technically." I replied with a "yay?!?". Apparently I managed to pass the glucose tolerance test with a blood sugar level of 179... the absolute highest result you can get and still be considered passing. So, if I had a level of 180, I would have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

So what does that mean kinda pass mean? Well on the plus side, it means I don't have to take insulin. But on the not-so-plus side it means I am going to have to limit my carb and sugar intake even more than I already have, and I'll have to get a finger prick every time I visit the doctor now to check my levels.

It's weird, in all the different times I have dieted or watched what I ate, I never really looked at carb & sugar levels, just calories so I was pretty surprised to find some of the things I thought were fairly low in carbs & sugars were actually reasonably high. Who knew banana chips and dried apples were actually so carb-y?

So, I went and stocked up on some veggies, hummus, Wholly Guacomole dip, low-carb chips and crackers and some Laughing Cow cheese wedges. We'll see how this goes!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pre-K, Birthdays & Decor

We had a pretty packed Saturday! We began the day by taking a certain little mister to his preschool open house. Yes, Sawyer is somehow old enough to be starting pre-k in a week. He was a little disappointed to discover that his teacher from the pre-k camp this summer, the beloved "Miss Kathy" isn't his actual teacher for school, but seemed to like his new teacher Miss Bethany just as much.

After open house, we went to Winterville for our cousin Wallace's 3rd birthday. It was a super humid day but we all enjoyed some outdoor fun anyway with Sawyer especially loving Wallace's pirate ship!

full view of the Pirate ship (obviously not taken Saturday)
After Wallace's party, we headed home, packed an overnight bag for Sawyer and sent him to hang out with my folks while me and Josh went to celebrate our friend Kate's 30th birthday Dos Taquitos in Raleigh.
Y'all, it was amazing.

We joked about how dark it was inside (thanks to it being lit by string lights and lanterns) but the food was so authentic and delicious. I had the tostadas (and two helpings of guacamole along with a giant bowl of fried ice cream) and could have licked my bowl.

Kate obviously loving her complimentary birthday shot

Kate & Hope
me and Kate

Sunday after church and lunch I squeezed a little time in to hang some stuff in Sawyer's room and nursery!

While we still have about 10 to 13 weeks until little homie makes his arrival, our weekends are about to be super busy with football (hollla), so I have been stressed about getting some things done in the nursery. (sorry for the crappy pics, I was obviously feeling too lazy to grab my camera instead of my phone). 

the verse in the middle picture (under the cars) is Joshua 1:9, the print to the right is of the lyrics to the John Lennon song "Beautiful Boy".

I recovered an old lamp shade and re-painted its base (expect a DIY on that lampshade soon) then created the little race track "B". While the "sunshine" print doesn't really go along with our "transportation" theme, it was a song that my Mema Kay sang to me all the time when I was little so I wanted to include it in our boys nurseries. 

Since we are obviously doing a lot in the baby's new room, we decided to make sure Sawyer gets his equal share and put up some new shelves in his room too! Josh made these with some wood and some kind of plumbers piping!

So, how was your weekend?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Football Friday - Tailgate Recipe Favorites

I am not only excited that our first ECU Pirate Football home game is one week and one day away, but also excited that the Football Friday link-up is back with Erin @ Love, Fun & Football!

My husband and I (along with a lot of our friends) are proud ECU alumni and Pirate Club members so we don't miss a home game (or a close away game if possible). This year's tailgate will be a little different since I will be beginning the season at 28 weeks pregnant and will probably be missing the last two home games with baby number 2 due in November.
our very Pirate-y announcement of our future member of the Pirate Nation.
But it's okay, I've done pregnant tailgating before in 2010 (just not quite as pregnant).

Football season makes me so happy not only because I love cheering on my team but also because it is almost three whole months of guaranteed weekend time with our friends who live about an hour away.

This year, all of Pirate Nation is super pumped because our first home game is at 8pm. This means we get to start tailgating at 2 p.m. (we are only allowed to tailgate 6 hours prior to kick-off/not before 8am in Pirate Club lots because they legit worry for our well being) and get to avoid the horrible heat of a summer mid-afternoon game. This also means more time to eat!

While I might not be looking forward to endless games of flip-cup this season, I am looking forward to all the yumminess that comes along with a good tailgate. Here are a few of my favorite recipes, and a few I can't wait to try!

Sorry for the horrible picture, but it is quite delicious for early morning breakfast tailgates.

(I made mine without the chocolate drizzle to reduce the mess)
yes, they are just as good as they sound.
When Ashley @ Sweet Carolina Belle posted this recipe I knew I had to try it this upcoming season! I can hardly wait for that chocolate, marshmallow goodness.
(we can pretend it's healthy, because "fruit" is in the dish title)
I have yet to try this one yet but can you really go wrong with white chocolate, Lucky Charms, Chex Mix, and sprinkles?
What's your favorite tailgating recipe?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY Curtain Additions

When it came to a nursery for Baby Edmo 2, I looked and looked for a bedding set and just couldn't settle on one that I liked that met our budget. I finally decided to just re-cover Sawyer's old bumper, and then make my own bed skirt, curtains, and etc.

This was easier said than done, especially when it came to curtains.

With saving money in mind, I found fabrics I liked but then realized that for four panels of curtains that would fit the floor to ceiling windows in the nursery, I would need fabric that measured over 14 x 18 feet... and the fabric I liked was almost $10/yard. so that wasn't happening. And I wanted to make them blackout curtains since the windows face the front of the house which is where the sun rises and there's a giant street light. With all that, I decided to just purchase some blackout panels that coordinated with my fabric and then add my fabric to the curtains almost like an attached valance, to make them match the rest of the nursery.

purchased blackout curtains

fabric to add (Jill McDonald - On Track Metropolis)

1. Layout your curtains and iron them out so that they are completely straight (helps in measuring accuracy for your fabric). Now layout your fabric over the curtain, ironing it as well so that it lays flat over the curtain in the area where you want the fabric to cover. 

2. Cut your fabric to the desired length/width, leaving enough hangover on the edges that is can be wrapped around to the back, about an inch or so. 

3. Using the Heat 'n Bond tape, iron a strip close to the edge of your fabric for the full length of the fabric at the top and bottom. For my brand of Heat 'n Bond, I had to apply heat for 2 seconds. 

4. Once your strip has cooled, remove the paper backing and place your fabric where you want it on the curtain. Then iron over the fabric, bonding it to the curtain. My brand of Heat 'n Bond required 6 seconds of heat application. Remember to leave about an inch of fabric over the edge to be wrapped later

You'll note that the fabric has a rough edge to the fabric, don't worry we're going to cover that mess with some ribbon!

5. Measure your ribbon that will cover the rough edges to once again be the length of the curtain with about an inch extra on each end. Apply a strip of Heat 'n Bond to the ribbon then iron, allow to cool and peel away paper. Iron the ribbon onto the curtain so that it covers the rough edge of the fabric, leaving that inch of extra on each end.

6.  Now that you have your fabric and ribbon adhered to the curtain, flip the curtain over and create a seam where you want the excess fabric & ribbon that you left on each end to wrap around the back of the curtain. Once you have your seam, unfold the edge and apply a strip of Heat 'n Bond to back of the ribbon and fabric. Once again, allow to cool then peel away the paper. Now you can iron the edges down to the back of your curtain. 

7. Hang them jokers up and admire your handy work (or iron them first so they look better than mine do in the picture). 

I used the same fabric to make a bedskirt following this tutorial

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Update: Peanuts & Pirates

Happy Monday Friends! We had a pretty busy weekend accomplishing some nursery tasks, attending the local Peanut Festival and hitting up Meet the Pirates!

Josh's cousin Kasey (who, as I mentioned Friday, is an amazing singer/songwriter/guitarist) performed at the Peanut Festival in the little, teeny town of Fountain, NC. She did amazing, Sawyer ate more sugar than I thought possible, and we just about sweat to death.

Kasey jamming
who doesn't love being held and hand-fed Italian ice?
...and Cotton Candy
 and you can't go to the Peanut Festival without eating some boiled peanuts.

hot and sweaty and off to Meet the Pirates
Meet the Pirates is an annual event held at our football stadium (Dowdy-Ficklen) where they have fun stuff for kids, photo and autograph opportunities with the soccer, volleyball and football players along with the cheerleaders and Coach Ruffin McNeil. The lines for the autographs get crazy long so we usually just enjoy letting Sawyer play on the field and bounce around in the inflatable stuff. It felt so good to be back in the stadium and I can hardly wait until Aug. 30 for our first home game of the season!!

"driving" Daddy's truck while waiting for the gates to open, please note how tired Josh looks haha

climbing the obstacle course

cotton candy, Italian ice, popcorn, someone certainly didn't go hungry.
sign him up coach, he's fast.
our friend Chris Mitchell and his sister, bro-in-law and nieces came just as we were leaving, but too late for us to get a great pic