Wednesday, February 4, 2015

enjoy the time

I am exhausted, and it's totally my fault.

When Josh and I answered the little questionnaire thing for my anniversary post I knew immediately how Josh would answer the question about my worst habit. He hates that I won't ever just sit on the couch and watch TV or hang out and that I have to be so OCD about the dishes in the sink and the clothes in the dryer. Whenever I complain about being tired I can always expect a look from Josh.

Sure there are some things I have no control over that take up my "free" time such as pumping for Brody and general parenting/wife duties, but there are quite a few other things that could take a back burner.

This week is going to be crazy with prep work for Sawyer's birthday party on Saturday but I vow that next week I am going to enjoy at least one hour of "nothing" time when I get home from work. While I won't be shirking my general "cook, clean kitchen, pump, and bathe baby" duties, I am going to try my hardest to spend time with Josh and the boys in the living room when my duties are done.

I'm going to actually read Sawyer a book when it's time for bed instead of turning on the iPad for him to watch while I return emails, 

I want to ask my husband how his day was and ask follow-up questions instead of listening briefly while I fold clothes.

I will watch an entire show on DVR with Josh instead of making him pause it constantly while I pick up the toys Sawyer threw all over his playroom.

I'm not going to care that there are a few dishes in the sink and that a few bottles of old breast milk are sitting on the counter.

I am going to play with Brody on his little piano pad (his fav toy) and race Paw Patrol cars with Sawyer.

I vow that next week I will take the time to enjoy my time.


  1. This is such a great goal! Soak up all the time with your beautiful boys.

  2. It is hard to let go and just do nothing.