Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wallykazam Party

Sawyer celebrated his birthday twice this weekend!

Saturday, more people than have ever been in my house at one time, were in my house. We had a few of Sawyer’s preschool friends, friends from daycare, our tailgate friends and their kids, and our hometown friends and their friends all in our house. It was crowded but it was fun.

Sawyer (once again) chose a party theme that did not have any party supplies, because that’s his favorite. This year, it was Wallykazam, a show on Nick Jr., a show about a little troll dude who has a pet dragon and spells magic words with a magic stick.

My plan originally was to just print a Wally sign or two and call it a Wally themed party because I figured he wouldn’t care that much about the theme. But nooooo he specifically asked “do I get a Sawyer birthday banner?” and “will there be magic sticks?”. So, I turned to the NickJr website (which totally saved my butt during the Paw Patrol party last year) for some printables.

After searching Pinterest for food ideas to go with the Wallykazam theme, I came up short. So I searched instead for stuff like “dragon party” since Wally’s best friend is in fact Norville the dragon. Then since Sawyer asked for “magic sticks” I made some candy-covered pretzels too and called them "magic sticks".

I found the template for Wallykazam treat boxes then made some more in Photoshop with the other characters, I mean you can’t have Wally without all his buds. Then I made a little mix of popcorn and M&Ms and threw that in the boxes for “Bobgoblin mix”.

For decor, I kept it simple. I propped some Wallykazam books around the food and drinks and went with orange, blue & green for the color scheme. I gathered some sticks from the yard, painted some then tied some short ribbon around the others and stuck them in a mason jar I had wrapped with a Wallykazam print I made to (once again) play on the magic stick theme. After framing a "Happy Birthday Sawyer" sign for the table, the room was ready for a party!

The kids had an absolute blast playing in the unseasonably warm weather on Sawyer's new trampoline (what we got him for his b*day) while the dad's enjoyed the warm weather (and beer) outside in the man cave.

Brody had a great time snoozing away and being passed around! Sookie on the other hand was not a fan of so much commotion.

It was fun celebrating Sawyer all weekend, but praise the Lordt that it's over. 


  1. Would you be willing to share the printables you made for the food?? Or the digital file you used to make yours? I'm scouring the net with no luck. Thanks!

  2. Hi, my name's Marianna and I think I used to be a blogger! I've missed so much being away from the blogging world BUT happy (way) late birthday to Sawyer! I can't believe he's FOUR!! Your party decorations are perfect! :) You're the cutest little mom! And, I think I've told you this on Insta....but your bangs look AMAZING!!

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  4. Do you have a shop on Etsy? I found the invitation there but Im looking for the mason jar wrap, I love it.