Monday, March 23, 2015

Birthdays and Trampolines

Tomorrow my best friend Hope will celebrate her 29th birthday! To celebrate, a bunch of us headed to Downtown Raleigh Saturday night to grab some dinner and drinks at Mellow Mushroom.

This meant we had a room full of Pirates in the land of the NCSU Wolfpack on a night that NCSU was playing in the NCAA tournament. Twas fun.

My amazing friend even let me and Josh steal a little of her birthday thunder by giving us a cake that said "New Adventures" in honor of our upcoming move! So sweet.

We had a great time with our crew and were so glad to celebrate my girl/s last birthday in her 20's!

Sunday we had a lazy day. After church we grabbed some takeout, ate at the house, then all four of us played outside before heading to Josh's grandma's for dinner.

my two almost-bald guys playing with the Sookie monster

I swear Santa bringing that trampoline was the best thing that's ever happened. It is so fun for everyone and it makes Sawyer SO TIRED at night (is it wrong that him being tired at night makes me that happy?).

I hope your weekend was great too! Please continue to pray for our family as we try to sell our home and find one for ourselves at the coast!

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