Monday, September 14, 2015

Five months later...

It’s been awhile and a LOT has happened.

We moved to Emerald Isle officially on April 25th and I started working at a small investment and estate management company on the 27th as their “director of first impressions”, handling their marketing, client relations, client events, and also serving as the first contact for clients and prospects at the office.

I’d be lying if I said things were going absolutely amazing. Our finances are struggling to say the absolute least. We haven’t sold our home in Tarboro yet so we are paying that mortgage on top of the crazy high rent for our little duplex on the island and our daycare costs doubled on top of me taking a pay cut and having to buy an insurance policy for me and Brody (no more state benefits sadly).

Our little duplex is no where near large enough for all the things we had in our house in Tarboro so most of our furniture, some the boys' toys, and half of my clothes are scattered between the old house and my parents place. Below is our side of the duplex (before we moved in), oddly enough that door at the bottom of the stairs by the gate goes to our downstairs neighbor's area, not ours.

And this... is our kitchen. Yes, it is pink. I have no words. Don't let the space-age oven and fridge scare you.

On the plus side, we are four rows from the ocean, so you can't beat the location!

Other things have fallen into place though. We finally have a babysitter after a LONG five months of what I call “the sitter sagas” where my poor kids had a different sitter almost every day. Praise the Lord my friend Katheryn (who teaches) moved in with us this summer to keep the boys from June to August while we searched for a permanent situation for them. Our downstairs neighbor "Miss" Kaitlyn is thankfully keeping the boys at our house every day now. Even though the cost of daycare has doubled since we moved, it’s great to know they’re being taken care of right at home.

"Miss Katheryn" and the boys this summer at the aquarium (a weekly occurrence)

We have found a church called One Harbor that we are completely in love with. At first we kind of fought the “this is our new church home” feeling because it is located in Morehead City (about a 25 to 30 minute drive). We visited other places but we found ourselves constantly comparing every church we visited to One Harbor. We prayed over it and made the decision to accept that it is where we are supposed to be despite the drive and then BAM the Lord opened a door and the church is now working towards opening a satellite site in Swansboro (about a 10 minute drive)! We are so excited about it!

Sawyer and Brody have loved the beach so we tried to go every weekend this summer. Sawyer also adores the aquarium and his new preschool. I was so worried he’d have a hard time adjusting but he seems to really enjoy being here. Brody is happy wherever he is, especially if he can eat all the sand and seashells he wants. We have spent a LOT more time together as a family, just the four of us since the move since we don’t have free babysitters 15 minutes away nor are we hanging out with friends/family every weekend any more. It has been both wonderful and a little frustrating since we don’t have a lot of time for just me and Josh, but we are loving all the fun stuff we’ve been able to do with just us and our boys.

With us not going out a lot (no free babysitters and no money = lots of "staying in") we have had a hard time meeting new people. It seems like mostly older people are what live in Emerald Isle (it is quite the retirement mecca) and there's not a lot happening on our end of the island. There are a few "strollers strides" and other mom groups that meet, but they're during the day while I'm at work. So we are looking forward to our church community group meeting next Tuesday where we can finally meet some people our age, with kids our age that live near us!

We are slowly but surely making a home here, and while it’s been an adjustment and our debt is getting bigger and bigger as we try to make ends meet, I feel like we are right where God meant for us to be. Please pray with us that a wonderful family will love and buy our house and that we’ll make some new friends soon!

Side note: Since I haven't blogged in over 5 months, I'm going to probably be posting some pictures and such from stuff that happened in like June and July, but I just feel like I need to get some things OUT and on the blog. Is it weird to say my head is a little full of posts I've written over and over in my head and pictures I want to share?


  1. Praying that your home sells soon. Ours was on the market for a little over 6 months and even in that time period it was hard to make ends meet.

  2. Praying the home sells soon. I am glad the stress of finding someone to keep the boys is over.