Friday, October 16, 2009

it's been awhile and I have a LOT to say

So I haven't posted since Sept. 29 (two days after my 22nd b*day :D), and a lot has happened, and a lot of thoughts I want to blog about have crossed my mind.

1) I got a new job, in fact I was offered 2 new jobs. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my entire life (besides switching from UNCW to ECU). I was offered a job at a local daily newspaper to be an Education Reporter, which would require me to cover school board meetings, write about things going on within the school system, and other education related topics, so the job would be a lot more hard fact than fun "fluff" stories (which is more my area of expertise). I was offered a job at another local paper that is weekly, doing layout design, writing stories of all kinds, and other jobs around the publication, however this job offered a significantly lower pay. After lots of thought (and calls to my wonderful mentor Mrs. Jane Hudson, my best friends, and God) I chose to take the job offering less pay but more of what I wanted to do. So you may not see me out and about for awhile or lugging shopping bags from Monkees and Nordstrom, because my and Josh's budget just got even smaller, but my happiness is worth a lot more than a paycheck.

2) I had a great time with a group of beautiful ladies on a girls trip to Charleston. This trip taught me that life doesn't end just because you get married and have kids. Some of the funnest, craziest women on this trip were mothers (lovingly named "Wussy MILF", "Safety MILF" and another funny name that I can't recall ) and we had a great time shopping, dancing, and hanging out in my favorite city (besides Macclesfield of course).

3) I was watching TV the other day and I have decided to start buying more Dove products because I am so IN LOVE with how much they support how a beautiful woman doesn't have to be stick thin, have a perfectly symmetrical face, perky boobs, and long, luscious hair, they call it a "Campaign for Real Beauty" and they've even established a self esteem fund to help girls of all ages learn how to love themselves no matter what they're told about how they look. They use REAL WOMEN in their ads instead of people who look nothing like a regular, everyday human being. Their latest commercial features a song that I love that says "Do your eyes sit wide, does your nose turn to the side, do your elbows kind of crinkle, do your knees sort of wrinkle? Does your chest tend to freckle, do you have a crooked smile? Do your eyes sit wide? Do your ears sort of wiggle, does your hair make you giggle, does your neck grow long, do your hips sing a song?" all in the tune of "Do Your Ears Hang Low". I just love how they are putting out a positive message about true beauty. On their website for the campaign it says that study show that only 2% of women think they are beautiful! I am going to attach a link to their website in my blog.

4) I am accident prone. You probably already know this. However, as of late I have noticed that I continuously hurt myself and trip over flat surfaces. I really put Bella Swan/Cullen to shame (yes I did just make a Twilight reference, deal with it). I managed to break two toes Monday night, I'm not even going to explain how. In the past I have broken and ripped a pinkie all to shreds because I decided to move a giant box fan without turning it off and my pinkie got stuck inside

Okay now that I have managed to write enough to bore you for at least 10 minutes, I am going to go celebrate my last day at The Daily Southerner.

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