Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Letters.

I am linking up with the Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday Letters...

Dear Forever21, 
Please make your dresses just a little bit longer, if they're too long for people who want really short dresses they can hem them, but you can't really ADD fabric when the dresses barely cover your hiney.

Dear our new house, 
Please get a good appraisal so I can post about you! I am too excited not to share with everyone!

Dear ECU football team, 
Please beat UTEP this weekend, I'll love you either way, but a win would be nice. Especially for our first night-game of the season!

Dear Disney station on Pandora, 
I just love you. That is all. 

Dear ZGallerie, 
Could you please put that precious "Mimosa" bedding on sale, I LOVE it, but I really don't want to pay $169 for just a duvet cover...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am turning 25

Today is my 25th birthday (and also the birthday of Lil Wayne, just FYI). So I thought I'd take a moment to appreciate what has happened since my 24th birthday...

Josh, Sawyer & I spent a weekend with my family in Beech Mountain for Big Mark's birthday last October

I got to celebrate Sawyer's first Halloween with my family and had a great time making his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume.

Josh and I decided not to do Christmas presents in 2011 and visited Grove Park Inn for New Year's Eve instead!
Days 12 and 3

...but thankfully did not and had an amazing adventure touring Paris, Rome & Florence!
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)

I helped host a "Baby Divided" shower for our friends Dana & Bradley

And most recently, husband got a promotion...

...and we already sold our house to move to town (as part of his new job requirement)

So, I have been continuously blessed in my 24th year of life and I hope that this year will be even more amazing. Thanks for all the birthday love and I am so grateful for readers and friends like yall!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

one of those random posts...

This post is going to be extraordinarily random, but just some random thoughts from this week so far...

I hope that I am going to have a post soon about our new house! I really don't want to post too soon, but Josh and I made an offer on a place and it was accepted. We're now just waiting for the inspection, appraisal and all that jazz. But, HOPEFULLY I can post about it soon. Just know that it is AMAZING and here is a picture of the kitchen...
Don't you just die?

I might have an accent vlog post soon too! I know I am really late to jump on the bandwagon since everyone else did these forever ago, but in all honesty I didn't have a stupid camera on my computer and didn't feel like doing it on my phone, but now I have an iPad so I can do it there. Warning: Expect weird facial expressions and complaints about how I have twelve chins and such.

My child has discovered that he enjoys horribly loud noises. I usually don't let him play in the cabinets and with pots and pans, but a few weeks ago Sawyer was being crazy and I needed to cook dinner, and Josh was at a meeting for work. So, to keep him occupied I gave him a wooden spoon and a pot. Worst mistake ever. He has been wanting to "cook" ever since, he swirls the spoon around in the pot then bangs on the outside while screaming at the top of his lungs.. and he does it all the time.

Exhibit A:
couldn't even put on his PJs for wanting to make noise. Notice his tongue going all crazy since he is screaming?

My birthday is tomorrow and I am happy about that. But at the same time, we have so much going on right now that I keep forgetting about it...

I have been addicted to the Disney Pandora station lately. Like to the point that I almost downloaded a Disney Princess CD last week... It's ridiculous. But the songs are just so wonderful and remind me of being a kid without worries and it makes me so happy and nostalgic.

We have been watching The Voice and can I just say that I am in love with Blake Shelton? And also does anyone else ever wonder what you would sing if you auditioned? I always think I'd sing an Ella Fitzgerald song like "I'd Be Seeing You".
Also, I would like for Christina Auilera to put on some pants and put her boobs away.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Game Day Picture Linkup - ECU vs. UNC

Linking up with The Belles of Saturday for the Game Day Picture Linkup!

Saturday we spent the day in Chapel Hill supporting our Pirates against the Tarheels. Now, as I said before, I am a big-time Tarheel fan during basketball season. But during football season I'm a Pirate all the way (despite the loss we suffered at the end of the game).

We met our friends at their place in Raleigh then made the trip to the Hill and tailgated with our friend Ryan's uncle who has a nice tailgating spot beside the hospital in a parking deck. This was different for us since we park in a wooded lot in Greenville and we are SURROUNDED by other fans from the minute the lot opens (six hours before game time) - in Chapel Hill there were very few tailgaters in our lot until right before the game began.
only other tailgaters in the lot?
flying the Pirate flags high over Tarheel country!
mandatory ladies picture - missed you Kate!
first cup flipped at 10:30am
action shot of husband and bestie's husband during one of many flip-cup games
I wish we could bring food like this to our games, but sadly our guys don't care much about eating... it usually just goes to waste! But they had a great setup at this game for sure. 

bestie love.
me and Joshua, with some bad lighting. 
Once we got in the game I was pretty surprised by the lack of fans in the stadium, I guess I'm just used to a packed house at Dowdy Fick as soon as the team is ready to come in, not the case in Kenan. This may not be the case every game there, just something I noticed during this particular one...

Also lacking? KNEE SPACE!! I guess the stands aren't made for long-legged people.

We did get to see some of the Tarheel basketball players at the game which made Josh's day!
that's James Michael McAdoo in the shades!
some of the other players and assistant coach

Can't wait for our first night game of the season this weekend! Sawyer is going to tailgate with us awhile then his Mimi is picking him up before the game.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Nail Files and a funny

First off, I am linking up with Tara @ Fabulous but Evil for The Nail Files!

I used the same Maybelline Color Show "Bold Gold" as last week but just as an accent nail along with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri "Pronto Purple" to support my Pirates!!

We face off against UNC-Chapel AT Chapel Hill this weekend, so we're making the road trip to tailgate and watch the game! Football season is the only time I pull against the Tarheels, but I am GO PIRATES all the way.

And just a little funniness to start off your weekend, some text messages from your dog via Text From Dog

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pocket Tee DIY

I made my own monogrammed pocket t-shirt this week to wear to the UNC vs. ECU game! And here is how...

I keep dying over these great pocket t-shirts I've seen all over the web.... then really dying when I saw the price of a simple cotton tee just because it has a fancy pocket...

$29.99 at Just for Me Sewing
$36.99 at Marley Lilly
So when I saw a great tutorial at College Prep, I decided I could easily do this myself!

I used a little bit of a different method from her, because I struggled BIG time with my monogram, but here we go...

T-Shirt ~ I used a Hanes t-shirt from Hobby Lobby

Two coordinating pieces of fabric ~ Since I am doing mine for a game, I of couse used purple & yellow, I just got a 1/4 of a yard of each, with plenty to spare

Iron-On Adhesive ~ I used Heat n Bond, and since my fabric was actually making a pocket that needed to be open instead of covering an existing pocket, I got the roll of Heat n Bond so I could add the strips to the edges instead of cutting a big sheet of Heat n Bond into strips.

Iron, Pen & Scissors

1.) Since I bought a t-shirt without a pocket, I started by finding a pattern for a pocket, so I could make sure I had the measurements right. Since I wanted a bigger pocket I added an inch to the wide and 1/2 an inch to the height.
2.) Using the pattern, I traced and cut out a pocket from my purple material.

3.) Once my pocket was cut out, I put on my t-shirt and marked where I wanted my pocket to go, because trust me, a shirt laying down on the table looks completely different from a shirt on your body. I do NOT recommend just predicting where the pocket will be on your shirt when it's laying down flat.

4.) After applying the strips of Heat n Bond all over the edges of my pocket and after ironing them in place, I removed the backing of the adhesive and ironed the pocket to my shirt.

5.) Then came the task of doing the monogram, I tried two different ways that weren't like College Prep's method, mainly because I tried and tried but couldn't free-hand my circle monogram. Here is what you should & shouldn't do.

Method #1 (Failed Attempt) DO NOT DO THIS
For my first try, I thought I could just print out a monogram using this great printable from ForChicSake and trace it to the fabric before applying it to the Heat n Bond strips.


I hung it on the door window (better light - even if it did look exceptionally ghetto) and traced it to my fabric, but it was WAY too light and I could hardly read it, and of course the fabric was so flimsy and therefore hard to cut. #DIYFail

6.) (the method that actually worked) I printed out the monogram on transfer paper that you use to iron designs on t-shirts. This way, I could just iron the monogram onto my fabric (on the back side) then cut it out that way before applying to my Heat n Bond tape.

The big thing about this is remembering to print your monogram backwards, since you'll be putting in on the BACK of your fabric. The paper backing makes the fabric a lot more durable and easier to cut. 

7.) Iron the monogram onto fabric by following directions on your transfer paper packet, I laid my design down, covered it with parchment paper then ironed it on!

8.) Cut out the letters and iron your Heat n Bond to the back of them. Remember, if you got the sheet of Heat n Bond instead of the roll like I got, you should probably iron the letters on first then cut them out so you just cut the Heat n Bond and letters at the same time. 

I cut my Heat n Bond strips to the same size of the letter, applied them to my letters, ironed them together then trimmed the edges.

ready to be ironed!

9.) Starting with your center letter, peel the back off the adhesive and apply to your pocket. Iron your letter in place then space your other letters accordingly. 

10.) TA-DA! A $30 shirt for only about $13.

I am game-day ready! I realize my monogram instructions are probably a little difficult to understand, I would definitely suggest watching this video (that I found on College Prep's site) if my instructions were too crazy to comprehend - she used a different method that might be easier.