Friday, October 29, 2010

would love to trade my blogger's block for a spinal block

back hurts too bad to think of interesting or witty topic of any kind, not even a handful of picture for Fashionable Friday. Apparently already being sway-backed + carrying a baby very low + not taking it easy as have been advised = serious back problems.

ugh. on a lighter note.. how do you like the new blogger heading? thinking I may change the tree/color scheme to go along with the seasons.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wordless Thursday: The era in which I should have been born

I was out again with my back yesterday (no worries, I got a brace thing to help hold my belly bump up, apparently being sway-backed and carrying low = lots of back pain). So here is a Wordless Thursday instead of Wednesday


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lost blog

********* UPDATE*************

My friend Kat just texted me the name of the blog "Young House Love" if you haven't already visited before, you should.

AHHH, help, I've lost a blog!! I always read it and I mistakenly deleted it from my follow list.

A while back I found a blog on someone's blog list (isn't that how it usually happens?) that is called something like "Our Little House" or something of that nature and it is written by a couple who completely redid an older brick home and blogged about each step they took.

The blog header has a picture of the brick house and the title and there are several tabs across the top with "DIY Tips", "Our Wedding", "House Projects" and the like. Someone please tell me you know what blog I'm talking about!?!

Please post a comment with the link to it if you follow/know of this blog. Thanks!

never cleaning again

I know ya'll are just DYING after not getting a post from me yesterday (haha). But after a cleaning-fest Saturday, I have completely wrecked my back. I stayed horizontal all day Monday, and I feel like complete and utter crap today, so no creative juices flowing (just tears every time I so much as think about moving around). See ya tomorrow (hopefully).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

Okay final day of my F21 fest.

One of my most-loved parts of Forever 21 is its accessories. They have the most unusual jewelry, hats, scarves and other fun adornments and you can find them both in the store and online.

Since the nearest store is about an hour away from Edgecombe County, I love buying my jewelry and etc. off the website, which is so much easier since accessories always fit :)

I love the things below and wish I had the courage to pull a few of them off (like the precious "cloche" hat and the big feather head)

Grosgrain Bow Cloche - $14.80
Satin Florals Headband - $3.80

Extra Soft Knit Scarf - $9.80

Cute Owl Necklace - $5.80
Leaf Accent Necklace - $7.80
Flower Cluster Necklace - $10.80
Aztec Beaded Necklace - $12.80

Bow Hinge Bracelet - $9.80
Rhinestone Bee Ring - $6.80
Flattened flower earrings - $4.80
Adorable Owl Post earrings - $3.80
Polished Peacock Earrings - $5.80
And who could forget their amazing shoes, mainly available online, the stores around here usually have a limited supply.
Knee High Suedette Cuff Boots - $34.80

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

Okay Day 2 of the explanation of my relationship with F21.

One of my favorite parts of the Forever 21 website is the Fashionable Finds section. They have really good deals for items that don't absolutely have to be the best quality.

Want a cowl-neck top that isn't too thick or a basic ribbed tank or even a pair of skinny jeans for under $11? This part of the website is just for you.

While there are plenty of fabulous finds in the store, it is so much easier to find them on the site where they are all lumped together in one section.

Here are a few of my favorite deals that F21 is offering right now:

Cowl Neck Knit Top $8.50

Cowl Neck Knit Tunic $10.50 (I told ya'll i have a "cow over cowl")

Fab Striped Boyfriend Cardigan - $12.50
Basic V-Neck Top $4.80
Fab 3/4 Sleeve Dress - $13.50
Fab Contrast Color Cardigan - $13.50

French Terry Biker Jacket - $16.50

Saddle Stitch Skinny Jean - $9.50

 Striped Knit Dress - $15.50
So, let's say a certain someone loses a LOT of weight after the baby is born and has to make a giant shopping trip... that someone could purchase ALL 9 of the items above for only $104.80 (plus tax & such)!
*Note to self, show husband this post.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashionable Thursday, Friday & Saturday: A love/hate relationship with Forever 21

This is going to take three posts, because I have been stalking the F21 site lately....

I like Forever 21.... but I hate shopping in their store.

Their website is so nicely organized by category and size and such, yet their store is a pit of chaos. You find a sweater you like then have to spend the next thirty minutes hunting it down in your size. Or you see a dress you like online that is supposed to be offered in the store and by the time you've spent the afternoon searching the store for the dress, you don't even want it anymore.

I try to buy things from their website, but their sizes run so crazy on me it's impossible to get something without trying it on. Their shirts sometimes run small, their dresses sometimes fit me in the hips but not the waist, or their pants are about 6 inches to short (as are their dresses), everything must be tried on.

Forever 21 shoppers should be aware that the prices are usually low because the clothes aren't the absolute best quality. Now, I have a few F21 dresses and tops that fit great and I've had since like my freshman year of college, but other items have fallen a part as soon as I've worn them once.

The store is great for unique pieces that often resemble designer fashions and they're great for concerts, parties and the like. I also love that F21 has fancy dresses that aren't over-the-top and not so expensive for me to wear to weddings and showers. I especially adore their new Love 21 line that has more sophisticated, contemporary pieces instead of just club outfits.

Here are a few pieces I am dying over right now (that I certainly can't wear with the bump)

Love 21 - Silk Short Dress $29.80

Love 21 - Sleeveless Contrast Dress

Love 21 - Ruched Drape Dress $34.80

Love 21 - Paisley Print Dress $29.80

Twelve by Twelve - Ruffle Sleeve Top $28 

Twelve by Twelve - Bow Trim Tank $22

Owl Patch Sweater Cardigan $19.80

Preppy Chic Sweater Tunic $24.80

And one I can wear with the bump: Silk Contrast Maternity Dress $27.80

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween, Pregnant Edition

Next weekend will be Halloween and I'll be 23 weeks pregnant. Now, I have a nice sized bump, but it isn't ginormous yet, so what to do for a costume?
Okay, I was thinking I could paint a basketball on a white maternity tank-top then either cut a hole in a Carolina basketball jersey or pin it up around my belly so the basketball would show then just wear some Carolina sweats and such, this is Josh's favorite (of course)

This is my favorite

Or I could just wear a Halloween-themed shirt like this one:

Which do you like best?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sport "fans"

Can I just preface this by saying that I love sports. Some I love to play, like soccer, others I enjoy watching, like basketball and football. I realize that not every girl is a sports fan and that a LOT of girls like to fake it and play the "I'm one of the guys, listen to how I spout off sports terms I just happened to hear on when the TV was stuck on ESPN" card, but I am not one of them. I generally enjoy a good football game and college basketball game. I am an actual sports fan that watches games, knows the players, tries to keep up with stats and generally acts like a fan.                              

Having said this, I am okay with saying that I strongly dislike girls, and guys, who pretend to be a fanatic over teams only on certain occasions or just when big games are about to happen, such as the big UNC/Duke basketball game.

This post is stemmed from the fact that a local football team, I'll just call them the Puppies, has "fans" just coming out of the wood-works this season because they are actually playing really well. This would be fine... if people were actually fans.

The Puppies have people tearing up their Facebook statuses with "Go Puppies" or "Puppies are going to kill the Pirate this weekend" or even typing up stats that are one-sided and have nothing to do with the skill of the game. BEST of all, some of these Puppies "fans" don't even attend games, watch games, know the players names, know anything about football, or even cheer for the Puppies on a daily basis. This is unacceptable.

In my opinion (which I realize doesn't matter THAT much), if you're going to be a fan, you have to be one all the time. I cheer for my Pirates whether they suck or dominate because I am truly so proud to be a part of the Pirate nation. If we win, great, if we lose, I accept defeat and say "yeah that other team was better than us". If we act trashy and wreck a stadium (which yes did happen in the 90s) I will admit that we were indeed acting with no class.

.... Others do not share this sentiment apparently.

During a recent game, people took to their Facebook pages to bash ECU - not just our football team, but our school in general, and rant about how the other team would beat us (which they didn't) and how we "didn't know how to win"... false they obviously didn't know how to lose since Pirates got over the win a few days ago while the other team is still complaining about everything they can.  Best part of this rant? Some of these people weren't even at the game or watching the game from home, AND one of them is actually an ECU grad.

The game was marvelous, we won in OT and both teams fought hard. Pirates went into the game actually expecting a loss, so we were over-joyed at beating said team. However, we reacted with tact to my knowledge. We cheered, yelled, jumped up and down, sang our songs, and acted like PIRATE FANS.

Pirates tailgated beside people supporting the other team, Pirates SAT next to fans of the other team and we did our usual cheering, and yes boo-ing, throughout the very hot game.

HOWEVER, the other team's marching band acted without tact or grace. It is one thing to cheer every single time our announcer goes to announce something about a play that we made, that's just part of a friendly-ish rivalry, but to play during the message from the troops where a past Pirate who now serves over-seas in the military gives a shout-out to his family and wishes the Pirates luck? Trashy.

So I beg of people, PLEASE if you're going to be a fan, be a real one. Cheer for your team all the time, wear your team colors to work because you are so proud of their win, or even their hustle and effort if they lost, and for the love of god actually watch the game and know what you're talking about. Geez.

Monday, October 18, 2010

busy Monday

I have SO much on my plate for today and really for the rest of this week. I was just looking at my agenda and I have absolutely no idea how it is all going to get done.

Here's a little taste of what I have to do just in the eight hours of my work day today:

This morning I am wearing an ECU t-shirt, black North Face fleece, black maternity work-out-ish pants and New Balance tennis shoes to work so that I can sweat to death and get dirty at the local fair grounds to disassemble the Leader in Me (really great program we have at one of our elementary schools) exhibit. Then I have to take pictures of the individual school exhibits that are still standing, and pick up our prize at their office before coming back to the office to edit the photos and finish the press release I had started about ECPS' representation at the fair. I am also going to take the exhibit stuff by the school in case their principal wants to use it at another event or for a bulletin board at the school. Here is what the exhibit (which an art teacher from the school and I created in ONE DAY) looked like:

Then I'll be back in the office so I can finish up some United Way stuff and update the press release I created about it as well. I also need to go by the maintenance department to help fix the outdoor goal-tracker thermometer and get them to put it in the front yard of our main office so we can take a picture to accompany the press release.

At 2:00 I will be at of our high schools that received a giant award of azaleas from the NC Beautiful project, I'll be getting pictures of them planting the azaleas and talking to both the NC Beautiful rep and the school principal about the project for THAT press release.

Once I finish editing those photos, adding all the other pictures to the website and editing the press releases, I am going to create a sort of template/rubric for my individual school website admins so they know exactly what we expect from them on their websites.

It's going to be a busy day, but I leave you with a picture of the t-shirt I made for the ECU/NCSU game Saturday, I got lots of "awwws" and pictures taken by random people haha. By the way, we won and things were very dramatic, expect a post about that tomorrow. Have a great week!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Having a cow over cowl

I love me a cowl neck. It doesn't matter if it is on a knit shirt, sweater, or dress. Just give me a floppy semi-turtle neck and I'll like it.

While I have tons at home, here are a few of my favorites I've seen around this season (both baby bump approved and not)

At Old Navy:
Kimono-Sleeve Sweater Tunic in Army Green - $30
I think this would def. fit over the bump if I forced it to

Cowl-Neck Tunic Sweater in Graphite - $30
Once again, could fit over the bump if need be

At Ann Taylor Loft
Cowl Neck Tunic in Moss Green - $49.50
They have this in both maternity and regular sizes!
Luxe Cowl Neck Sweater - $78

By Michael Kors
Oversized Cowl-Neck sweater - $39.80
how COZY does this look!?

At Target
Liz Lange Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Dress - $29.99
Dress + Cowl Neck + Room for Belly = LOVE, they have it in a great shade of blue, but the picture is in gray

At Forever 21
Julie Sweater Top - $19.80
Total steal for only $19.80 and loving the soft camel color