Thursday, April 29, 2010

the best friends i could ask for

These past couple of years have introduced a few new friends and a few acquaintances who grew into friends. In fact, I have my friend Dana's wedding to truly be thankful for bringing me closer to so many wonderful girls, who were all bridesmaids in her May 16th wedding.
My friend Dana and I grew up together and have been friends since birth since our parents are very close and we too have grown a lot closer. Since we were engaged at the same time, we could offer each other wedding planning advice, and now that we're both married we can give each other advice on how to deal with our husbands ;) Dana is a friend who always has a friendly disposition and looks on the bright side of things. It is so nice for Josh and I to have another married couple that has the same values and lifestyle as us.
While my best friend Hope has been my bestie since high school, we have grown even closer in the past couple of years. Hope is loyal, will tell you the truth whether you want it or not and is always ready to just let you vent. She has stood by me through crazy situations and we fuss at each other like sisters.
My friend Rachel (or "wachel" as Josh's little brother Jordan called her) was actually Josh's best friend growing up. Rachel and I have known each other for awhile, but Dana's wedding really brought us closer. Rachel is always ready for a good time and is up for anything and always has a funny saying (such as "shut the FRONT door") or story to make me laugh.
Kathryn is a new friend. While we both went to the same high school, we didn't really know each other and honestly didn't care to know each other, but when we started hanging out at Dana's wedding events and other things where our mutual friends Hope & Rachel were, we found out that we really liked each other. Kathryn is another one who says what she thinks and isn't afraid of what anyone else thinks. She is honest, open and fiesty, so we have a LOT in common.
Other girls that were friends with Kathryn such as Kaleigh (who is engaged to a guy from home named Danny that I grew up with) and Bridget (who I ALSO grew up with) have also become acquaintances.
Dana's sister-in-law Ursula and her sister Andrea have also become great friends. The two sisters are CRAZY and so much fun. They both always make sure that everyone around them is having a good time and are so thoughtful and sincere. I honestly couldn't have picked a better person than Ursula to marry Dana's brother, Jason and I am so happy that Urs' sister has practically become part of the Webb family too.
As a girl who had a lot of guy friends growing up, I am so excited that I finally have a list of girls I like to hang out with and confide in.

my bathroom is now painted "Natural Beige" by Loreal

I had to get up very early this morning (at 6AM!!) and be at work by 7:30 because Rep. Joe Pat Tolson and Senator Clark Jenkins have a meeting with the school board and I need to arrange breakfast and what not.
After I had pried myself out of bed,gotten my hair fixed and put on my outfit for the day, I went to put a little more foundation under my eyes since my allergies are creating beautiful dark circles under them.
As I opened the bottle of Loreal True Match Super Blendable foundation... it fell... from my hand... and exploded on the tile floor.
The bottle shattered and "Natural Beige" flew all over my bathroom.
It hit my hair on the way down, slid down my dress, then slammed into the floor and spattered on the white cabinets, white tile, pink rug and my poor Sookie girl.
Sookie immediately freaked out and went running through the house spreading it on the hardwood and then the side of the couch.
I just stood there shocked at the foundation rolling down my black dress and sitting in my hair.
I came out of my panic-induced coma and yelled for Josh to get out of bed and throw Sookie outside and I immediately stuck my hair under the faucet to wash the foundation out. Then I grabbed the entire box of baby wipes that were in the cabinet and began mopping up the $9 worth of the perfect shade of foundation off my door, cabinets and tile.
Once the floor was white again I had to pick another outfit. I am kind of glad about this, because I had totally forgotten about the hidden stash of J.Crew clothes I purchased this weekend at the J.Crew outlet at the OBX. So I got RE-DRESSED in a pink strapless Pique dress with pockets from J.Crew with a white cardigan, gold Jack Rogers and a precious gold necklace with a little ball of colorful enamel flowers also from the J.Crew outlet {dont tell Josh}.
Hey, they say bad mornings make for good days, so this better be the best 'effin day in history.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mema Kay

This day one year ago, my paternal grandmother, Mema Kay, died after a long battle with her lungs.
Mema smoked for as long as I could remember until her doctor informed her that if she didn't stop, her body would quit for her. So after quitting and starting back a few times, she was diagnosed with COPD and finally quit for good. I think I was a freshman when she finally quit, just as she had to be put on oxygen if she wanted to walk more than 6 feet.
Mema continued to struggle to catch her breath when she was too vain to sport the oxygen tubes, but still trucked along fine to Atlantic City and Cherokee to play cards and the slot machines. My junior year in college the doctor's found a cancerous place on her lungs during a routine checkup, but it was quickly removed and all seemed to be fine.
In January 2009, my great-grandma (Mema Kay's mother-in-law) died at the age of 99 and at the funeral Mema complained about her hip hurting and how she felt a lump along the curve of her back. Daddy jumped right into P.A. mode and made an appointment for the day after Mammy was buried.
A week later we learned that although she quit smoking, the damage to her lungs was already too severe, the cancer was back. This time, the cancer attacked her lungs, bones and a few other organs. Mema underwent radiation treatment and tried a few medicines before deciding that the fight was too hard for a battle she would eventually lose. So, her wonderful oncologist, Dr. Heather White (who was also my other grandma, Mema Dean's doctor) made her comfortable and said that she wasn't a doctor that would be a time-limit on someone's life but that she didn't see Mema living over 6 months.
We NEVER EVER thought it would happen so quickly. Mema was diagnosed in January and lost her fight April 27, 2009.
If you knew Mema, you know she was a firecracker. Anything she thought popped into her head, and out her mouth without being filtered. She was stubborn, rude and opinionated and we bumped heads constantly over the silliest thing. But, I loved her more than I can say. Whenever I get an attitude or fuss over something not going my way, Big Mark & Josh always say "Alright, Kay" because of how similar we can be.
In January, before we knew the limited amount of time we had left with her, Mema called to ask me what kind of dress she should wear to my wedding and I told her "anything but white". Guess what color dress she chose.... a white one. Not even a new white dress, an old one that she had worn to Big Mark's white coat ceremony. We fussed and fussed and she said "i don't want to waste any money on a dress that I will only wear once". Apparently, my wedding was not worth wasting money over. Today... I would give anything to have had her at my wedding and in my wedding pictures, I don't care if she went naked. I did pin one of her earrings onto the ribbon around my bouquet so that some part of her would be with me as I went down the aisle.
While Mema was very tight with her money during her lifetime, she decided she wanted to spend what she had before she died. She decided she wanted a flat screen so she could watch Oprah in all her HD glory, so she wrote a check and Papa went and got her one. She decided her recliner looked bad so she wrote a check and Papa went and got her a new one.
Her decision to spend money since she couldn't take it with her wasn't just used on her own desires. When Josh and I bought Mammy's house and decided to renovate it, Mema wrote US a check and helped us pay for our new floors and plantation blinds.
I was so happy that Mema was well enough in early April to go by my and Josh's house and see the floors Josh and ChrisMitchell spent so much time putting down and see how much progress we had made in making my Mammy's house into our own.
Towards the end, the cancer spreading in her brain caused her to see things and the morphine to help with the pain also made her drowsy and incoherent. She'd think the TV was on, but it really just be her reflection in the dark screen. She would look outside and ask us "what's that guy doing in the yard".
On April 26th she slept almost all day and the night of April 27th I knelt by her bed and starting to sing "You Are My Sunshine", which we used to sing while swinging in the hammock when i was little. She woke up, turned and looked at me and mumbled "What are you doing". I just said "I love you" and cried. She got this look on her face like "why are you so upset" and said "well i love you too" and fell back asleep. Those were the last words she ever said to me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No time, but lots of words

I have been running around like a crazy person organizing Artsplosion and other fun ECPS events this week, and therefore I haven't had time to post anything. So really quick while I am on my lunch break, I give you this to think about....

How come radio stations boycotted Chris Brown's music when he allegedly beat Rihanna (who I honestly want to beat myself, no me gusta), but when Michael Jackson molested little boys we honor his name as if he were a god?

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with Chris hitting Rihanna, or any man or woman hitting another person... but I think a grown man molesting children then lying about it and paying them off is much, much worse.

Chris at least apologized and has sought treatment and continues to try to improve himself, where Michael Jackson just pretended the whole thing didn't happen.

It happened.

That's all... happy Wednesday kids!

Friday, April 16, 2010

1, 2, three.

Doing something I usually don't do and posting a chain thing I got tagged in. Mainly because I have too much on my plate today.

A. Three names I go by:

1. Lar

2. LaLa

3. SugarPig

B. Three places I've lived:

1. Pinetops

2. Greenville

3. Wilmington

C. Three of my idols:

1. Cecily von Ziegesar

2. Sandra Bulluck

3. Jackie O

D. Three things I like to look at:

1. The wide, beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island

2. Old southern homes, especially the ones in Charleston

3. Christmas Trees from underneath when they're lit. i love to lay on the tree skirt and look up at the way the lights look from the inside out

E. Three places I have been:

1. The Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN

2. Kiawah Island resort

3. Zip-lining in the St. Lucian rain forest

F. Three of my proudest accomplishments:

1. Graduating early from ECU, despite failing and re-taking a few classes, losing credits when I transferred from UNCW and being told I couldn't do it by my stupid advisor

2. Re-doing Mammy's house to make it my own

3. Not killing Sookie yet.

G. Three things I love to eat:

1. Shrimp Tempura from Ichiban

2. Mema Dean's flour bread & chocolate sop

3. Peanut butter & banana sandwiches on toasted bread

H. Three things I want to do someday:

1. Own an entire season of Lilly

2. Publish the book I'm working on

3. Gamble in Las Vegas

I. Three things I am looking forward to this year:

1. LP & Ryan's wedding (next weekend!)

2. Working 4 ten hour days so that I have Friday's off this summer

3. Finishing painting the kitchen chairs & the island in our house

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i am not my sister.

I went to SWE the other day to take some photos and not one, not two but SIX teachers thought I was my sister. I am not offended because my little sister is beautiful, but she is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD, blonde, has a much lighter pigment than I do and has blue yes. Yes, we favor A LOT, we have the same face shape, nose and both of us have big "harrell" eyes (only in different colors) but she is blonde and I am sort-of-red-headed and I am certainly not 17.
I know that one day i will appreciate that I look younger than I am, but really folks? Not only that, but I was obviously there working. I had on a ECPS name tag, a visitors pass, dressy clothes and a very large camera in my hands. What about that screams "I AM AN EX-SWE-STUDENT JUST VISITING!"

I feel like people are just mentally lazy. They don't even take the time to notice things just automatically assume what they want.
This mistaken identity happens at Webbs Chapel a lot too. Josh can't stand it because people will walk up to him and Dee and ask "how's married life going kids?" or they'll go up to John and ask "is Lauren's knee doing better?".
Even students that work at the local Hoggly Woggly call me Dee. Or they'll say "you look just like Deanna" to which I always respond "No, she looks like me". I am indeed the oldest.
I love my sissy, but would it kill people to even TRY and distinguish between us?!
If only I had an OLDER sister who looked like me back when I was dying to get into the Cavern to hear Chairmen before I was 18, this would have been a lot more useful.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sookie poops in multi-colors

I don't have a lot of time to compose a witty, anecdotal blog today since I am trying to piece together a program for the big Artsplosion event along with schedules, catering and the like, so I am going to just list the things that Sookie has destroyed/eaten and then pooped out since she joined our family in June 2009:

* the canvas covers for our wicker furniture (include the digestion of the safety pins that were holding together one of the seams)
* two tiki torches
* every single one of the toys we've bought her except her giant kong (this includes a tire toy MADE for heavy chewers and several tennis balls)
* more pairs of underwear than I can count, the piles of poop in the corner of our yard are multi-colored
* our kitchen rug from Pier 1
* my brown & gold Coach bag (shhhh, Josh doesn't know about that one yet)
* ENDLESS amounts of toilet paper rolls
* the bottom corners of the bathroom cabinet doors and the cabinet itself
* our bedskirt
* Pooh Bear's t*shirt
* One of Pooh's eyeballs
* my Blackberry (still working though)
* the cases to several DVDs
* two of my favorite soft Polo tshirts
* her ECU collar
* her UNC collar (that used to be Mac Daddy's)

Things she's tried unsuccessfully to ruin:
* my green & white Jack Rogers, luckily she only pulled out a few of the stitchings
* my North Face (she did manage to eat one of the zippers)
* Josh's bar in the man cave (apparently wrought iron can withstand her teeth)
* my pink & green Herve Chapelier bag
* our marriage

Remind me why we still have this animal?

Monday, April 12, 2010

busy little bee

The rest of this month is going to be incredibly busy, so this post may be my last for awhile (or it may not, depending on how on task I stay at work).
Here's the agenda:
This Tuesday & Wednesday during the day I have huge Relay for Life meetings (I am the head of Relay for Life for ECPS) with the individual schools then with the main office.
Tuesday night there is a Edgecombe County E.C.U. Alumni event for Josh and I to attend at the Main Street Inn.
Wednesday at lunch I have a luncheon to attend for United Way at NCWC.
This weekend is my beautiful little sister's prom so I'm sure I'll be riding all over town with her before carting her back to Raleigh for the prom (which is held at the Museum of Life & Science, how cool is that?).
Quiz Bowl for ECPS elementary & middle schools is Thursday & Friday so I'll be there taking photos and getting information for press releases.
Artsplosion, an annual event that includes ChoralFest, BandFest, VarietyFest, and me killing childrenFest, is coming up next week so I am busy ordering favors, creating programs, making invitations, making certificates, organizing times, schedules & lineups and all sorts of fun. The weirdest part of this adventure is that I remember participating in ChoralFest & BandFest as a kid and the same teachers are still leading it, so weird to be the one emailing them to remind them about submitting information and getting the names of all their kids to me.
Then the last night of Artsplosion I have to leave straight from the event to get to the OBX for a wedding (which I am really looking forward to).
The first weekend in May (the next weekend) is the "cousin's" trip to the beach for some of Josh's family, so we'll be back in the sand that weekend.
That is only the next 3 weeks, I hope it isn't a preview of what this summer is going to be like.

Friday, April 9, 2010

the purse game

If you have attended a Premiere Jewelry party (which I am sure a lot of you have since a lot of people sell it around these parts) you may have played the purse game.
In the game, the lovely Premiere hustler (my favorite being Miss Andrea Papp)tells the party go-ers about Premiere Jewelry in kind of an acrostic format. She reads a letter which corresponds to a key point in the Premiere set-up and the ladies have to find something in their pocketbooks that corresponds to that letter. For example, if Andrea called out "G" because Premiere offers a "golden guarantee" on all their jewelry you would dig through your purse until you found a "gum" or a "glock" or something and whip it out to receive a ticket which enters you in to win a prize at the end.
Well.... it is my favorite game.
I am not sure why I enjoy it so much, I guess because I am just naturally competitive and because I carry my life around in my purse.
Here are all the items I have in my purse (which is my favorite spring-time bag, a giant pink leather Liz bag) right now:

My busted-up BlackBerry that Sookie has tried to eat on more than one occasion. If my life is in my purse, my UNIVERSE is on my BlackBerry. Numbers, photos, emails, texts, reminders, dates, music... you name it, it’s on there.

An Albuterol inhaler, for when I have to walk more than 5 feet in the yellow haze that has fallen over Edgecombe County and I completely lose the ability to breathe.

My planner (I don’t actually have either of these precious Lilly Pulitzer ones, I have a sad looking dark green “The Daily Reflector” planner, but next year, a Lilly planner will be mine.

The best camera I have ever had, a Canon Powershot. It’s small, it’s point and shoot, but takes the best pictures. It has survived falling down the stairs at ECU games, being dropped in the sand in St. Lucia and Sookie’s mouth.

A silver clutch that I use a wallet. The best thing of all time is that I can take out the clutch and use it as a purse when just running in somewhere or going out at night. It is the perfect size, has a card organizer and holds everything I need.

Lash Blast mascara by Covergirl. The best mascara I have ever used.

Lore├íl’s True Match powder. Ah-maz-ing. It feels like your face is naked and makes your skin look oh so good.

Softlips chapstick. This stuff is too good to even call chapstick. It is more like a magical lip balm.

Noxzema Wipes. These smell terrible but feel wonderful. They are great for removing makeup, a nice refresher when your face is hot and feels grimy or even for removing dog slobber from a pair of black pants.

A reporter’s notebook and endless amounts of pens and pencils. You never know when an idea might occur.

Red-head bobby pins. The best thing to fix any hair problem. These things litter our house, my car, my purse, the pockets of my pants and are even scattered around town I’m sure.

Starbursts. The easter bunny brought me a lot of them, and they are my go –to candy when I have a snack attack. There are only orange ones left now, which I don’t like but will eat when I have to (pink and yellow are my faves).
There are also standard pocket book things such as tampons, Kleenex, and the like. If I lost my purse, my life would go right along with it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

thou shalt not covet... a lot

Exodus 20:17 "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbor's."

You know what that verse doesn't say? "Thou shalt not covet things that are carried by Nordstrom, Saks, Lilly Pulitzer (or any other amazing store)".
Since the bible has given me the go ahead, here are the top ten things I want so badly for my spring/summer wardrobe.
1) The Roslyn skirt from Lilly. It is the perfect length to wear to work, church or just to dinner. Especially in this pattern with the precious lace strip down the front! Only $118 (which is about $100 more than I can afford right now)
2) Coach's "Grafitti Poppy" satchel. I die. Retails around $198

3)Now, I like this Ralph Lauren one-piece, but I already have a navy one-piece from them, I want this suit but in a prettier color, preferably pink. And at a cheaper price please.

4) Lilly's new Cocoa dress for $178. Perfection. That is all I have to say.

5) A cute canvas slip on sneaker like these from Tory Burch that cost $95 (a very low price considering they're Tory Burch)

6) This Milly "Palm Frond Half Moon Cami" love the colors and the cut too bad it costs $213

7) A one-shouldered dress with embellishments like this Tibi dress (which costs so much, I refuse to type the numbers)

8)A white watch. I would loooove a Chanel watch, but the one I like is $6k...let's be reasonable here. Hopefully, one that looks like this will just fall in my lap around September 27th :)

9) A summer without crutches

10) Abs like these:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

things I found

Bright and early Saturday morning while I was still snuggled up in bed, Joshua took it upon himself to clean out the Rodeo so it would be ready to trade in if we found the perfect car. This was a bad decision on his part.
Not only was he angry at how filthy I had let the Rodeo get, but he woke me up at the early hour of 10am to dump a Wal-Mart bag full of little scraps of paper he had found.
Thinking he had simply dumped trash on the bed to wake me out of my beauty sleep I just sat up and look at him with the “exit the bedroom” look.
But he just ignored me and said, “These are notes and directions and lists and other ridiculous things that had been left in your car for the past 6 years.”
At that time I didn’t care it the bag was full of Starbursts, I wanted 30 more minutes of sleep. But last night I dug through the bag to see what had been hiding under the seats and in the cushions of my ride.
It was like a time-machine.
I found a receipt from a gas station that I had written “DOWNLOAD SPLASH WATERFALLS – LUDACRIS” on that was dated 1/2004 (if I hear a song I like on the radio, I used to write it down). By the way, I apparently filled up my 16 gallon tank with only $22.
Directions were written on yellow sticky note that just said “go past West Edgecombe church, take next three rights to meadowbrook.” So of course I got on GoogleMaps later to find out where the directions led, which were right to my friend Bailey’s house. This means I wrote those at the beginning of my junior year of H.S. It’s crazy.
There were endless notes from friends and movie ticket stubs in the Rodeo. I found a stub for “The Grudge” and one for “Walk Hard” then a receipt from Millies and another from a gas station in Virginia after a trip I took there with my UNCW roomie to go to Kings Dominion.
So it looks like I have keepsakes to remember the things I did in the Rodeo, not just memories.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

$2500 for the Rodeo, no charge for the memories

I bought a new car this weekend. A brand-spanking new car. This car in fact: And while I am more than exhilarated over my new purchase and all the wonderful features that my new Escape (which thankfully looks nothing like the old ones)has to offer, I kind of miss my old p.o.s. Rodeo.
My new SUV includes things like Bluetooth compatibility with my Blackberry that allows me to command my vehicle to "Call Joshua" or "Play Allman Brothers" and a wonderful sunroof that I haven't even been able to use much because of the yellow sinus-killing fog that is looming over Eastern NC. However, when I traded in the Isuzu and told the nice car salesman that it had over 99,000 miles, I couldn't help but think about what had happened during all those miles.
I was astonished when they said they could give me $2500 for the hunk of junk, especially considering the extensive damage to the front end when I had a disagreement with a telephone pedestal during the 2009 snow, the much needed replacement of the brake pads and something called a serpentine belt, and the dings that colored the doors, but then I realized that $2500 doesn't nearly equal out to the sentimental value the Rodeo held.
Now, before I go talking about how awesome my SUV was, I will go ahead and say that I am incredibly guilty of complaining about the Rodeo and its poor gas mileage, horrible brakes and its quest to leave me stranded in random places. But all the bad thoughts I had about the Rodeo are easily out weighed by the good.
In that Rodeo, I shared first kisses with a few [only a few ;)] boys, made countless trips to and from Wilmington, took road trips with best friends, went on shopping adventures, got lost on the way home from concerts, road for hours trying to find a haunted hayride that didn't exist, changed into soccer practice clothes in the parking lot behind the SWE, broke up with boys, made up with boys, backed into my own grandma's car, and countless others.
Not all the memories I’ve made in that car are good though. The last time I ever held Mac Daddy was in the Rodeo on our way to Dr. Gregg’s before he died; his white dog hair is still in the nooks and crannies.
The Rodeo was more than a car, it was a safe harbor. I would drive for hours (before gas got so expensive) just talking to God and myself, trying to work through decisions. I drove up and down Lumina Avenue in Wrightsville Beach trying to decide if I wanted to leave UNCW or not, I climbed in my car and flew to Pitt Memorial when they thought Mema Dean had an aortic aneurysm, praying the whole way, I climbed in the backseat and just laid and cried before Mema Kay’s funeral.
Josh and I drove the Rodeo the first time as husband and wife to Raleigh the night we got married and to the airport the next day before heading to St. Lucia, we topped 90 mph. on the way home from Cary when we found out Mr. Wilbur was in the hospital on February 9, 2008 and we brought Sookie home from the Worsley’s in the Rodeo.
I know that I may have sold my car, but the memories that were made in it are priceless. I can only hope to make as many in the Escape as I did in the Rodeo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

bright, beautiful birds

I've developed a new obsession with birds. Not like actual birds, but decorating with them. I found this lamp online and it made me want to decorate an entire room in the print. Then I started doing bad things like visiting Pottery Barn & Pier One websites looking for birds. But the more I looked, the more I found that most of the bird decor was for nurseries. And we know how I feel about babies. Now I can't get decorating ideas out of my head. I don't even care if it's a nursery or just a new idea for a room. I want bird stuff. Look at this precious room (it is a nursery, but the ideas could be used elsewhere). I also found a bunch of pretty prints, like this one: .
However, if I spend another dime at a HomeGoods or Pier 1, Mr. Edmondson might just divorce me. So I will have to wait for an excuse to redo a room.
Therefore, I will kill the first person who steals my bird decor idea before I pop out a youngen. :)

don't grocery shop while hungry and don't blog while angry

So... I may have lost it a little yesterday. Therefore I have now prohibited myself from blogging with freshly hurt feelings/anger. Not that I didn't mean every single word I said, but there was no need in stirring the pot because nothing good came of it.
But it's a new day and I have new things to say (that sounds like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book doesn't it?).
Last night on the way home I talked to a good friend of mine who is going on a Spanish adventure soon and is looking for a travel companion. Now, if I had unlimited resources and no husband/dog at home to take care of, I would hop right on an airplane and venture into Madrid, Sevilla and any other place we could go. But, I am a newlywed with a new job and a lot of responsibilities, so I shall stay in Macclesfield.
What makes it even worse is that even if I could afford the time & money to go, I still couldn’t take the adventure with my friend because the friend is male. If I were to travel with him, I (and he) would be the talk of the town.
Usually I wouldn’t care about what other people had to say, but since the rumours (that’s just for you friend) of an affair, an illegitimate child that I was running away to have, or that my husband beat me so my friend was taking me away from harm would run rampant and those would not just affect me, but Joshua and my friend as well.
I hate that men and women can’t travel together as friends. Who is to say that just because I would tour Spain & Europe with a guy that we were doing the dirty? Now granted, I’m sure there are those out there that would abide by the “what happens in insert town name here stays in insert town name here”, but we would not.
Some people say that girls and boys can’t be “just friends” but I beg to differ. I had lots of guy friends growing up and this friend in particular is one of my best. We’re a lot alike and we have the same sense of humour(again) that sometimes only we understand and we share a love for Spanish things (his a little more developed than mine). We also share a distaste for bad grammar (i.e. your ≠ you're and their ≠ they're ≠ there).
Anyway… all I’m saying is that I would kill to travel with him on new adventures, he certainly deserves it after stressing hard for the past couple of years with his crazy hectic career choice. I guess I will live vicariously through him and his pictures of places I can only dream about exploring. At least I'll bypass my fear of being slaughtered in a hostel or being taken Natalie Holloway style.