Tuesday, September 24, 2013

news and catching up

It's been awhile. So I'll start with the biggest news and go from there...

I am leaving the brewery. Yes, the brewery I just started working at in July (read about that change here). Because my dream of working for my amazing alma mater, East Carolina University has come true.

so official all I need is a whistle (name that song)
After my orientation on Sept 30, I will be the new public communications specialist with the working title "Director of Marketing" for the university’s College of Allied Health Sciences, handling the marketing of the college’s departments, preparing information for dissemination to the public, doing a few university visits to promote the College and managing the website content for the entire college. While I am very excited, I will genuinely miss the amazing guys I worked with at the brewery. They were a fun bunch, full of jokes and stories and I could tell they truly enjoyed their craft. I will miss hearing them laughing from the brewery and picking on each other about whatever they managed to get into on Wednesday night at the Ale House.

In other news, the 2014 Relay for Life of Edgecombe County (that I am co-chairing) is getting off to a great start! My chair, Caroline and one of our committee chairs, Pam and I went to a great workshop on Saturday and plotted out our new Relay site. Our biggest challenge is that we are moving the event to a new location and I can hardly wait for the exciting, busy months that lie ahead.
planning out the adventure ahead with Caroline & Pam
We also took Sawyer to his first Pirate game two weeks ago! Sawyer went and tailgated with us when he was around 6 months old and hasn’t been back since, so we were ready to take him to experience his first real football game… we didn’t make it to the second quarter. He wanted to go up and down the steps, was not interested in the game, and refused to sit still. Then I had the joy of hiking a mile back to our vehicle with him on my shoulders. Oh, and we lost the game. However, he had did have a good time tailgating and taking part in our pre-game traditions.

"sword" fighting with Ryan
Pirate ladies

ginger pirates
so excited watching the marching Pirates

INTENSE watching the pre-game

So, how’s life y’all’s way? I feel like I have missed out on so much while I have been trapped at my little table sitting within 5 feet of my boss for 8 hours a day with no internet access.

Monday, September 9, 2013

solo vacay.

Josh and I have been on exactly two trips by ourselves since we got married (not including our honeymoon) - neither of which have been longer than 3 nights or more than 5 hours away. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed our New Year's trip to Grove Park Inn (read about that here, here and here) and Josh's "surprise" trip to Durham for the Food Truck Rodeo (here and here), I think that for our fith anniversary next June I want to actually go somewhere, and somewhere warm (since both of those trips were in the winter).

husband doing what he does best on vacation... eating/drinking.
There are a few stipulations that accompany these travel ideas
1) The trip needs to be less than a week long (probably just 5 days)
2) Our destination needs to be within driving distance because...
3) Our hotel/cottage rentals has to cost less than $1500

While I thought about just visiting places we've been before like Hilton Head, Kiawah Island, Charleston, Savannah or just the OBX - I decided that I really want to go somewhere off the beaten path and with a more low-key beach-town atmosphere that would allow us to park our car and bike the whole vacation. 

I thought about St. Simon's or Jekyll Island or maybe even Dafuskie (which technically is somewhere we've never been even though we've been on the Zodiak boats in the island's waters before), but then as I re-read a bunch of Mary Kay Andrews' books this summer, I started thinking about Tybee Island. 

via Southern Living
Andrews'  book "Savannah Breeze" featuring Tybee Island
So I started researching (because that is what OCD people do) and decided that it would be perfect

I took a Google Earth street tour of the entire island...

re-read my favorite Southern Living article about the island and its attractions...

visited Chow Hound & Yelp to see the dining options and then of course went back to Google and mapped how close all the restaraunts were to each other...

Then I visited the site that made up my mind about visiting, Mermaid Cottages. I had read about Mermaid Cottages on Mary Kay Andrews' blog before (she actually has a precious beach rental that she leases through Mermaid), but looking at the quaint cottages with their beautiful colors and laid-back styles I knew right away that Tybee is somewhere I want to visit. 
how precious are these!?!
Now I just have to convince Joshua that this is a necessary expense and that I need to get away for awhile next summer. 

Have you ever been to Tybee? Any suggestions on places to visit? 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

the post that was supposed to be posted on Monday...

I'm apparently confused about my days this week because I scheduled this post for next Monday instead of this past Monday, my bad y'all.

Of course if you follow me on Instagram then you pretty much already know what I did all weekend. Saturday was full of football, tailgating and getting to see our tailgate crew (I always say that the best part of football season is getting to see our friends almost every weekend).

Saturday was our first game of the season in Dowdy Ficklen stadium, so my friends and I got to the tailgate field around 11:30am and spent the day preparing for our game vs. ODU at 7pm. It felt so amazing to be back in Elmhurst Lot with my Pirate family and celebrating our team with a packed house.

flip cupppppppp

me, Josh, my sister and her John John

oh hey wind in my hair. 

My favorite group of pictures from the weekend captures me and Kate not only getting ready for our pic (with a hair flip and a "hold on a minute" gesture) but also a great photo bomb by our friend Laura.

I cooked some delicious new recipes Saturday...

Fruit Salsa with cinnamon pita chips

...and my pitiful Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots (side note: always set a timer so you don't forget you "just stuck something in the oven to warm up")

Sunday we went to church, had lunch at Mema Dean’s (which was such a blessing since she hasn’t felt like cooking in quite some time) then went to Josh’s grandparents in T.Hall and napped, played outside and enjoyed an amazing low country boil.

I spent Labor Day doing some labor (I know, I know that is the opposite of what you’re supposed to do) and cleaned the house, did laundry and washed dishes but thankfully got to the spend the afternoon watching season 1 of Hart of Dixie, I have become SO addicted to this show!!

How was your weekend... last weekend?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

what you'll find here

The other week, someone asked me “what do you blog about” and I couldn't really think of a great response. I blog a little bit about everything, I basically dump my little brain onto the page whenever I can, but what’s the majority of my content?

  • Recipes – but only every once in a while. Joshua (my husband) has Celiac, so they’re usually gluten free for all you healthy kids out there (although we are FAR from health nuts at my house, those gluten free dishes usually have their fair share of other fun carbs, fats and sugars in them)
Gluten Free Coconut Shrimp & Cilantro Lime Dip

  • DIY Projects – I love to craft, whenever I can find a minute (and whenever I can sneak a Hobby Lobby bag by my husband) so you’ll probably find a few fun little do-it-yourself projects (that I stole off Pinterest)
moss monogram wreath
  • Party-Planning and Recaps – I love to plan, create and throw parties whether that be a shower, bachelorette or other event so you’ll probably find more than a few of the aforementioned DIY projects related to parties and then recaps of how said party was decorated and how it went
Hope's baby shower
Retirement Banquet
  • My dream of restoring, opening and running an event barn – you'll probably here about this more than you’ll want to
to dream...
  • Funny stories about my fur-kid and human kid – not that often, but every once in awhile I’ll tell you about a new way my 105 lb. chocolate lab, Sookie or my 36 lb. ginger baby Sawyer has found a way to embarrass me and my husband or has done something so ridiculous I had to share
meet the chocolate beast, Sookie
my favorite Sawyer story

Monday, September 2, 2013

commuting joys

my commute to work is basically a straight shot down a country highway and I get to see all kinds of things during that little 27 minute drive. 

1. the same people over and over again
since there is next to nowhere to work around home, a lot of people drive at least 30 minutes to work so I see a lot of the same people every morning making the same drive, I get used to the same black jetta with the hospital parking sticker getting in front of me at the same intersection or seeing the same little red toyota truck pulling into the driveway to one of the farms on the highway 

2. silly children waiting for their bus
this (obviously) just started this week, but two kids have been waiting in their driveway for their bus every morning and they are ALWAYS dancing and waving when I ride by, it's awesome. Yesterday the little girl was twerkin' a little too provocatively for my liking since she is only about 8 years old, but fun nonetheless.  They remind me of the kids from the new k-mart commercials...

3. people getting ready in their cars
I love watching people go by me that are applying mascara or lipstick and I usually see this man always tying his tie while driving with his knee

4. farmers about to start their day
I love when I pass Webb Farms in the morning and see the workers gathered about the tailgate of one of the trucks enjoying biscuits and sun drops before they start their day. 


5. people walking their dogs in their bath robes
obviously some people think 6:28 am is too early for folks to be on the road and therefore nobody will see them walking their dog in WAY too short bathrobes or in boxers and tennis shoes in their front yards

why can't HE be out walking his dog in boxers and Reebok's instead of the people I see every morning?

6. cops.
they obviously knew that the commuters are out and are just waiting to pull us over as we go just a little over the speed limit