Monday, September 2, 2013

commuting joys

my commute to work is basically a straight shot down a country highway and I get to see all kinds of things during that little 27 minute drive. 

1. the same people over and over again
since there is next to nowhere to work around home, a lot of people drive at least 30 minutes to work so I see a lot of the same people every morning making the same drive, I get used to the same black jetta with the hospital parking sticker getting in front of me at the same intersection or seeing the same little red toyota truck pulling into the driveway to one of the farms on the highway 

2. silly children waiting for their bus
this (obviously) just started this week, but two kids have been waiting in their driveway for their bus every morning and they are ALWAYS dancing and waving when I ride by, it's awesome. Yesterday the little girl was twerkin' a little too provocatively for my liking since she is only about 8 years old, but fun nonetheless.  They remind me of the kids from the new k-mart commercials...

3. people getting ready in their cars
I love watching people go by me that are applying mascara or lipstick and I usually see this man always tying his tie while driving with his knee

4. farmers about to start their day
I love when I pass Webb Farms in the morning and see the workers gathered about the tailgate of one of the trucks enjoying biscuits and sun drops before they start their day. 


5. people walking their dogs in their bath robes
obviously some people think 6:28 am is too early for folks to be on the road and therefore nobody will see them walking their dog in WAY too short bathrobes or in boxers and tennis shoes in their front yards

why can't HE be out walking his dog in boxers and Reebok's instead of the people I see every morning?

6. cops.
they obviously knew that the commuters are out and are just waiting to pull us over as we go just a little over the speed limit 

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